This Is NOT Some of My Newer Work
This work was done 06/11/97

The Xara Stuff Two

what'a ya think of my newest work?

Very brilliant colors and strange, lined things...
Looks like me in the middle, a puppet, on strings
Staring into the sun because I was told not to
Searching, ever searching for something new...
what'a ya think of my newest work?
Once I ran up Andean Terrace High
To touch red sun set skies
Now I sit and draw about it
What happen to that younger guy

String and lined things got in his way
So now he sits... day after day
what'a ya think of my newest work?
The Lined things are the strings
She holds on to, kept in her heart
Althought she won't admit to it
Strings have been there, from the start
©1997 Jim Nasium

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