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Some of you who ended up on this web page came here because I am doing work for you, or have done work for you, and you saw this web page address on the top of your estimate... Some of you who are here now are here because you came to my web site to see my art, or read my poetry, and decided to explore my web site a bit, but no matter how you got here, just keep in mind that when you have masonry or concrete work you need done, and if you want it done right, the old fashion way, and if you're in the greater Philadelphia Area, then please send me or my brother an e mail and ask us to give you more information about what we can do
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Down lower on this page you will see some photos taken of
"The We Are Concrete Brothers" in action. We have been doing concrete and masonry work together for over 38 years. Since I got sick we won't be working together any more. My brother is off on his own now and I am hanging on to life by a thread. Our Great Grandfather and our Grandfather both did concrete work in Campobaso, Italy andour Father did concrete work in The Greater Philadelphia USA area and he taught us everything we know about concrete

We both plan to pass our family concrete secrets
on to our sons...when they are ready
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Below you will see some photos taken of
"The We Are Concrete Brothers" in action
This is our Newest Project, the foundation for a three story addition and a two story garage. My brother and I did this job, with only one helper in less than 5 days... we're not cheap, but we are good.

the new project as of 4/01

We dug the footers, then poured a concrete foundation, and now we will lay the 8" block on that foundation to create the walls for this addition and garage

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We build the block walls, filling the block with mortor as we go up course after course, always being sure that the wall is not only level, but plum...

the new project is finished now

After we are done building the walls, we back fill the inside of the addition with clean fill, and compact the clean fill until we build the fill up to the sub grade for the concrete floor. Once that is done we put expansion strip all around the insoide wall to assure the new floor will not crack, and we also use put down a plastic vapor barror and 6" X 6" wire mesh that goes inside of the 3500 psi concrete that we will pour just as soon as the concrete arrives...

the concrete arrives

Because the addition is so long, and we do not want to drive the heavy concrete truck over our wire and plastic vapor barror, we use a convaor belt truck, that can reach out and drop concrete up to 50 feet away from the truck's rear end..

the new project as of 4/01

Once the concrete truck is in place we will start dumping, and leveling out the concrete floor...

the new project as of 4/01

Finally we are ready to start pouring... that's my brother with his back to the camera

the new project as of 4/01

The pouring of a concrete floor this big is back breaking work, but we, my brother and I, have come to enjoy this type of exercise, and now'a days, to us, this is child's play... The New Project is over now, it didn't take us too long, it was fun working out in the country, to the sound of the birds happy song, the job got done so quickly, and we both made out ok, but since that job was finsihed, we've been working on new projects every day...

Here is a poem I wrote about the first day I went to this new project

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The dew sparkled in the morning sun
the birds all sang their dawn song
I knew I had to leave home soon
my time to relax had gone
I gathered up my paper work
headed out back to my truck
I prayed as I did that today would be
a good day full of much luck

The sun was still low in the sky
that had now been turned to red
I'm alone out here on this back road
every one else must still be in bed
my brother was supposed to meet me
but he's no where in site
perhaps he got the directions wrong
when I talked to him last night

I told him that this new project
we're doing was very far away
and that we'd be leaving real early
for the next few couple'a days
he said he needed to bring his truck
I agree that we'd need it too
but I wonder where he is right now
and exactly what should I do

I need to get to where I am going
after all there's big money on the line
I should be there when I'm supposed to be
I'm sure that my brother will find
his way to the job sooner or later
so I hit the gas and down shift one gear
I take off just as fast as I can
cause I really need to get there

I pull into the job site
the very first thing I saw
my brother drinking coffee near his truck
smiling and standing real tall
before he even said good morning
the first thing he said was "I beat you"
I know a faster way to get here
later on I'll show it to you too

The day went down perfectly
I'm tired now but feel real good
I'm proud to earn my money the old fashion way
I work hard for it like you should
to me it's the only way to live
honest hard working and care free
it helps to keep me healthy
and affords a good life for me

The new project is far away
well farther than I like to go
but the job is one we can handle
and the monies real good, ya know
the first day went down so perfectly
my muse inspired me to write
this poem all about the new project
as I sit here at my desk tonight
©2001 Jim Nasium

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