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IF you have masonry or concrete work you need done and want it done right, the old fashion way and you're in the greater Philadelphia area, send me an email and ask for more information about what I do and can do for you and what it'll cost ya...

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On this web page you will see some photos taken of
my son and I working together and "The We Are Concrete Brothers" in action. My brother and I have been doing concrete and masonry work off and on together for over 46 years, my son and I for about 15 years...

NOTICE: as of 10/2014 I'm offically retired but will still take on small projects.

My Great Grandfather and my Grandfather both did concrete work in Campobaso, Italy and my Father did concrete work in The Greater Philadelphia USA area. My father taught me at an early age just about every thing I know about concrete. I passed on the family concrete secrets to my son and now he's ready to teach his son. My boy's a natural and took to concrete and masonry work like a duck to water. He showed a real serious interest in the work at ages 14 to about 19, but then he went off to college. Nothing warms (warmed) my heart more than working with my son.

That's ME and my youngest son working on the roof of a very old farm house patching the plaster walls and filling in the hole where we removed an old door. My son was 16 in this photo...

me and my youngest son workingmy son and Imy son and I

nice truck's, hun?

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The We Are Concrete Brothers in action
here we are doing a pool deck

here we are doing 175' of 8' wide sidewalk

we seem to know what each other is thinking
as we start a new patio pour

It's a lonely world out there
when your fixing up the concrete around the
electric lines and water pipes in the middle of
125 yards of freshly poured concrete floor...
That's Jim out there a few years ago !

Would you like to see pictures from one of
our newer projects? Then just click here
The New Project, Far Away

The We Are Concrete Brothersthat's me [Jim] working a gas powered trowel machine for finnishing off the concrete for larger pours like the  basement floor we poured the day this picture was taken

I offer you this poem that I wrote
about the first day I ever worked with my dad...

The Teacher

We sat there near the wood forms
that held the wet concrete we poured awhile ago
we were catching our breath, resting, drinking
The Teacher said "want to tell you something you should know
"you will never work a day in your life"
as long as you do something you enjoy"
then he looked me right in the eyes and said
"please, learn the family trade boy"

The Teacher loved to work and loved his work
he would "only" work "half'a day," he'd say
but a half day to him meant 12 hours
when he worked, it was never less than just half of a day
He took time to teach me how to use my hands
and passed the trade his father taught him on to me
The Teacher was my father
both his father and him are gone now; a memory

These day's, when I work under summers sun
if I rest it's with my youngest boy
it's my son who is learning family secrets
being The Teacher now brings me joy
told my son what my father told me
"long as you're doing something you love
you will never work hard a day in your life
don't bring home anything you got to feed, except for maybe a wife"

This is the very last job my son and I ever did; wish it wasn't...
my son and I in 2013

©2000-2014 Jim Nasium

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