The Price List For My Art

Yes, My Art IS For Sale
AND The 10" X 14" size is ON SALE!
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The Size:
8" X 10"
10" X 14"
23.5" X 35.5"
 Shipping and Handling Cost:
$10.00 US
$12.50 US
$30.00 US
Printed Out On Regular Paper:
$40.00 US
$50.00 US
$325.00 US
High Gloss Photo Quality Paper:
$50.00 US
$60.00 US
$350.00 US
On RealCanvas® Canvas Paper:
$55.00 US
$65.00 US
Iron On T-Shirt Transfer Paper:
$50.00 US
$60.00 US

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The GymArt Art Sale Details

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