Tell Me Will I Ever Win
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

I went to the new project this morning
to see what I could do
but everything was under control
my brother had it together I'm telling you
that no one there needed me at all
which made me feel pretty bad
so here I sit with a broken wrist
feeling useless and a little sad

I tried to work this morning
but turned right around
when no one wanted my help at all
at least today I have found
that my new place is here at home
at least for a week or two
I'm so used to going to work every day
that now I don't know what to do

I wanted to work all day today
but I had to come back home
to an empty quiet house
now I sit here all alone
no one is here with me
I haven't anything to do
maybe I should pick up the phone
and make a call to you?

I sit and look at your photo
the one of you in that dress
you wore to the private party
that turned out to be a big mess
every one there got too drunk
and then there was a fight
I never will forget that party
or what we did that night

you took me back to your place
and asked me to spend the night
and every thing that we did
turned out to be just right
we knew from the very first moment
there was no reason for us to say
that we were made for each other
so why did you have to go away

I wish I could have worked all day
because time goes by so fast
when you're busy doing something
like I have done in the past
but now that I broke my wrist
there's not much I can do
sitting here with a cast on my arm
has got me feeling blue

so my muse inspires me
to sit at my computer and write
the time goes by so slowly
and day time turns into night
it's as if I were up on a stage
doing things that come naturally
I wish I had something else to do
I hate sitting still just watching TV

more than that I hate this typing
with only one good hand
it takes me so much time to write
and it sucks, can you understand
that right now I feel so helpless
and I don't know what to do
so if you have some spare time
stop over and visit won't you

I went into work this morning
to see what I could do
but no one needed my help at all
so for now my career is through
this cast is so damn heavy
and it hurts to move my arm
perhaps if you would come over
I'd win your favor with my old world charm
we could spend the holidays together
tangled up in a lovers knot
but what am I thinking
you're gone now I guess I forgot
that you're more afraid of love
than I have ever been
it looks like I lose again
tell me will I ever win

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©2000 Jim Nasium
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