What's The Use
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

It's all too much for me
sometimes I just have to get away
sitting here at the keyboard
is no way to spend the whole day
outside the sun is shinning
there is so much that I could do
I guess I should get away
even if I really don't want to

I sit and create for hours
lock the door and turn off the phone
just me my muse and the computer
the three of us want to be alone
it is as if we become one
and the creative juice flow
I draw and write into the night
wondering where did the time go

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I log off because it's time to sleep
I lay down in my bed
sleep won't come easily to me
so many ideas race round in my head
I'd rather be working with my computer
or logged on to cyber space
it's quiet here but I just can't sleep
alone in this great big place

I close my eyes and I see pixels
each one moves in my head
I keep thinking that I got to defrag
when I am laying in my bed
it's quiet and there's no one else
in this room that I can see
I'm not on line but still I hear
some one say you got mail, to me

Inspiration comes to me usually
late, in the middle of the night
and so I go and log on again
maybe tomorrow some time I might
take a walk and get outside
it's all too much for me
sitting behind this keyboard
is driving me crazy

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It's not that I'm not productive
I create something new every day
it's just the same thing all the time
tell how many days can you stay
shut up inside a studio room
alone with just your muse
trying to create a master piece
tell me what's the use...
©2001 Jim Nasium

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