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I Want To Do Sally Too

That's right, you guessed it!
I wanna do Sally Too
I wanna do Sally till she's black and blue
I just wanna bend her over and screw
The life out'a her
But then I think I could not...
You see I forgot
She is already dead
A mandate for Holloween Town
The woman sure gets around
She will jump face first to the ground
For the man she loves

Yes I wanna do sally too
Mostly because she reminds me of you
And You know who you are
You are willimg to jump down to the ground
For the man you love...
You and she both are from heaven above
I wanna give her all'a my love
And did I mention, I wanna do YOU too

She looks so good in that dress
Even though her face is a mess
She'll walk me out'a town
To the graveyard where we'll get down
There isn't anything she won't do
That's why I want to do sally too!

1997 Jim Nasium

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