GymPoems By Gym Nasium

The Slaughter In The Tower

First it was this and then it was that
you say these thing but you never do them
even though you know what you should do you're still unsure
you wait and wait by the window
In the tower, near the waters now still
is where you shall be and always will
be sitting there now, for one candles length
totaly drained of your very strength

©97 Jim Nasium

The Emotional Slaughter Never Ends
I stand in the center
Holdin' on to all I was, am and will be
Behind me the woman of my past
In front of me the woman that want from me
They want me to fill their empty boxes
See how they put their boxes before themselves?

They all carry their boxes to me
They'd have me fill them if they could
©97 Jim Nasium
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