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Jim Nasium©®TM

A Trip Through The Night

A Poem To My Colombia

I took a trip through the night
just to get here to be with you
over dusty narrow roads
paved with pot holes that wind
through Andean Mountain peaks
that need to be crossed

Rivers below bamboo bridges
seem to call out to me
wanting me to join them
the black water runs near by
but there's none for me
and there's none for the white dust

I wrapped your silk scarf 'round my face
alone in a back seat windowless bus
I couldn't wait to get out'a there
I wanted to use the white dust
that's why I took a trip thru the night
just to get here to be with some one I trust

Once there we sat and smoked
for three days that first night
the cooked up white dust
under bright Andean moonlight
our bellies were so empty
we didn't feel right

We talked it over and decided
there was only one thing left for us to do
so we packed up our bags
got on the bus that went South, to Peru
the year was 1974
I really can't tell you much more...

Photo Credits: Gym Nasium ©1974

That's me standing there by the bus...
My friend, The Head took this photo from a third floor hotel window
Photo Credit ©1973 "The Head" Johnson

I took this photo while standing "high" on a mountain top just out side of Algercius, a small town
Photo Credit ©1973 Jim Nasium

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