Getting Even At Last: The Ship Yard
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

PLEASE keep in mind that the poems I write about the art I draw, is fiction... 100% fiction and in no way has anything to do with me, or my life... please, read the poem, do not try to read between the lines, my poetry is not to be taken that seriously... This is new work:

I watch them but they can't see me
I'll hide right here till after dark
when they all go to their homes
it'll be time for me to leave my mark
I'll show them what one man can do
when he is driven by greed
then hide away in a magical place
and off'a their loss I'll feed

I know them but they don't know me
the are the ones who ruined my life
they thought no one would catch them
when they ran down my brother and his wife
it's ok that was in the past
but now their time has come
they forgot all about it by now
let's face it they're pretty dumb

The ship yard is one of many places
that I know they can thrive
it's a hard place to hang out
and you're lucky if you leave alive
but now after I waited for so long
the time has come at last
I can't wait to have my turn
man this is gonna be a blast...

I watch them but they don't see me
I'll wait right here till they all go
then it will be my time
and I plan at last to show
them just how much one man can do
when he puts his mind to it
the time has come for them to pay
for all of their bull shit...

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