PoeticGymArt By Jim Nasium

The Light In Her Room

her room

In the middle of her forest
near the biggest tree
I stood and watched her for hours
just the animals and me

We watched her dance with her brush
in hand by the light in that room
painting on large canvases in red
a painting of her certain doom

From what I could see
the red painting is of me
looks like it will have to be me
to set her free...

Twin muses played together
just down the hill near the stream
could I really be here?
or is this just a dream?

Did he see me, the gatekeeper?
could he know I was here?
to have met her so late in life
to me, just doesn't seem fair...

Someday soon I will have her
to hold all through the night
someday soon the painting will be done
then everything will be allright

© 1995 Jim Nasium

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