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GymPoems by Jim Nasium

The Dream

There were bells, there were charm's
there were people with very bloody arms
there were lotta rubber bands
on white beach sands
and then there was you...

You smiled wide as you looked in my eye
you were so impressed
that you wore a cocktail dress
you were nobody's fool
till we broke the golden rule

we lost all sense of time
and of reason and rhyme
jump in the pool the water is fine
fall prey to the great pretender... become mine

[just remember] no flowers will i send
no books will i lend
let me just point out discreetly
I'll get to you very cheaply
we'll hang around with out the light on
sitting by the pool till dawn
watching it fill with little eel's
talking about how good it feels
to not need electricity...
one of my idiosyncrasies

as a tear falls I realize
it's not me, it's them other guy's
that you want and have had
any wonder i'm so sad
the alarm bell ring's and ring's
the dawn bird's sing and sing
it is now another day, a dream no longer
what more can i say... i must be stronger
and then there was you

1995 Jim Nasium

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