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The Double

I heard a knock at the door
I wondered who could be at my door
so early in the morning
I had just broke free of my sleep and
With eyes still half closed
I opened my front door
When I did I felt a pain in my heart
The same pain you had caused so long ago
The pain still lives deep within me...
But today it wasn't you who brought it to the surface !

I have heard that each of us has a double out there...
Today i saw your's...
I'm getting goose bumps right now
As i sit here and write about what happened
When I opened the door and saw her
I thought it was you!
it was you, to me

The telephone repair woman
Who was at my door looked just like you
red hair... that mouth... those eyes...
Them tiny little feet... that pure milkywhite skin...
How ? why ? what would you be doing here ?
Your out in Washington state, aren't you ?
NO !... your here, at my front door
As a tear formed in my eye the woman at my door
Look even more like you then a moment before
With a voice full of love I said your name
She looked at me like I was crazy !
I didn't know what to say...
Once i realized i had made a mistake
I felt like a slapped ass

They say we each have a double out there...
Today I saw yours...and i cried

1995 Jim Nasium

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