The Cafe
PoeticGymArt By Gym Nasium

Photo Credit 1974 Jim Nasium Saldutti
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The Cafe

I will never forget those days
Sitting in open air cafes
In cities or on the beach
Each one was in reach
Of whatever you needed

Be it the sea breeze or the haze
The fruit, the drugs or the maze'
Oh yes, those were the days
The days my memory plays
Over and over again

Sipping black coffee all the while
Women begged for me to try all
That they had to offer
Sweet young girls and their pimps
Ripoff's and scoffers

The memory of the days gone by me now
Still live inside me somehow
I relive them each night in my sleep
When I wake I can only weep
what has happened to me

Unhappy with my todays
I long to relive the yesterdays
Spent in open air cafes
and all the other places I would stay
When I was young, and craved adventure
1997 Jim Nasium

a little cafe I used to hang out in

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