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Tomorrow is another day
That Night On Negril Beach
she asked me to tell her who I was
Just Another Day Around Here
She Ate With Her Fingers
A Poem About Jamaica
not what I wanted to be
19 Cops In 15 Cop Cars
His Mother Took My Heart
How's It Feel
life is a journey
She Got Too Drunk For Words
Your Madness
A Trip Thru The Night
Now You Know Our Story
My Dream:I want to be published

That Night On Negril Beach

Her hips moved
they swayed in delight
on the beach
under the full moon light

she walked by me
that night in 73
she was naked
naked as she could be

"wanna swim wit I mon"
she said as she waved her hand
and motion for me to join her
I didn't understand

who is this beautiful lady
she was black as the night
and why would she want me
an American, all lily white

she called out to me again
"come join I mon, the water is so fine"
I couldn't believe what was happening
and that she wanted to be mine

I went to swim with her
I was naked too
it was obvious I was excited
and she knew what I wanted to do

we played in the water
an hour or more
we walked hand in hand
and found amour

on Negril beach
under the full moon light
my first Jamaican affair
and it felt so right...
2000 Jim Nasium

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she asked me to tell her who I was

she asked me to tell her who I was
she saw me sitting at the bar
I had just been on the stage
and I took the crowd so far
away, and off into a dream state
when I read my poetry
they said they never heard anyone
read poetry as well as me

she asked me to tell her who I was
as I looked into her eyes
they were open and willing
she wanted to know about my life
and exactly who I could be
I stopped messing around and I told her to sit down
and said these words to she

I am a poet
I write poetry all the time
I have a very active muse
and a very over active mind
but more than that I am an artist
I can paint as well as write
and I never had a complaint yet
from any woman who spent the night

let's wrap up in a lovers knot
you and me and my old world charm
I wonder if I gave you my hand
would you take me by the arm?
and follow me into the unknown
trusting me all the way
am I the man you think about
are you glad that we met today?

She smiled and she said to me
come on back to my place
I want to have you inside of me
I want to sit on your face
I laughed and said so you're a poet
she laughed right back at me
we walked together hand in hand
it was fate, it was destiny
2000 Jim Nasium

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A Poem About Jamaica

It was back in the early 70's
when I took my pen name...
and things were different then
things were real laid back
the music was reggae mon
and there was Jah Iration
I Iree Height's
things are different still even now
in the small hippie town
an underground community
called Negril

Thing's were different then
every one was "balling" every one else
they were all running the around place
blown out'a their minds
red eyed strangers naked on white beaches
that went on for miles
seven to be exact
that seemed like forever to me
for I am not a stranger here
I am not a tourist

I would sit there
on the western tip of that island
and the setting sun painted
the water and beach for me
every night
and I sat there
red eyed myself
I tried to copy what I saw Him make
"just for me" I would tell myself

As fast as I could
with my salt water colors paints
I would paint
by the light of the setting sun
and rising moon behind me
in the east just above my home
that sits there still
on the top of that hill
called Monkey Hill
in the red ground district
of the island that still floats
to this day, in my heart

and if you think that I have forgotten any of it
you are wrong...

I could go on forever
telling tales of the golden days of my youth
but why, I'd only bore you...
and then you wanna know if they are true
1999 Jim Nasium

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not what I wanted to be

her eyes are still looking for answers
that they think they'll see
if she'd takes them to the right place
but where could that place be
she walks along the beach and
she takes off all of her clothes
she goes into the cold water
this is a place that her eyes know
the current pulls her frail body
far out to sea
she takes her last breath thinking
about these words, spoken by me
"you are someone special
there is only one you
I beg you to change your mind
but you'll do what you want to do"
she's dead now, but her spirit
is still right here with me
I wanted things to be different
this is not what I wanted to be
2000 Jim Nasium

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19 Cops In 15 Cop Cars

I opened the hall door to go the basement
the hall was filled with cops
they are here for the new neighbor
the one who lives on top
of this old farm house
in the attic penthouse
I wonder what could be going on
he is always quiet as a mouse

up there no one ever heard him
now they are taking him away
he just moved in all of his stuff
just the other day
I never got to know his name
we never even talked
all I can do now is peep out my window
at the action below and gawk

at 19 cops in 15 cop cars
here for one man, what can I say
but please be careful where ever you are
be careful every day
you never know when they are coming for you
they will when ever they want to, ya know
and there is nothing that you can do
there is no place you can go

I opened the hall door to go the basement
the hall was filled with cops
they said there were here for the new neighbor
the one who lives on top
of me in my studio apartment
second floor, with a deck and a view
I am glad they didn't come here
for me, then what would I do
1998 Jim Nasium

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tomorrow is another day

it's better off the way that we
don't really want it to be
I know what she is saying
it's all so plain to see
but now is not the time for
things that are that real
I know that you'll read these words
but thats the way I feel

we're better off the way that we
don't really want to be
we don't do good all alone
together we could still be free
if only, but it's too late for I'm sorry
and tomorrow is another day
that I will have to face alone
I know I can, some way
2000 Jim Nasium

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His Mother Took My Heart

His mother took my heart
that first day we ever met
I knew she was made for me
and I will never forget
the way she fit into my arms
when I held her late at night
the way her upper lip would curl
when she was mad, and we had a fight
his mother took my heart that day
so I asked her to understand
that even though I love her so
I am a very busy man
I have 7 men who work for me
and I have to keep my eye on them
and that when I wasn't at home
it wasn't cause I had another "friend"

his mother took my heart that day
but she never learned to trust
she couldn't even understand
that a man has to do the things he must
to stay on top in this cruel world
it's dog eat dog out there
I never will forget the way she looked
she loved to wear that sexy underwear

his mother took my heart that day
when she said to me

guess what Jimmy
were gonn'a have a baby
I knew then the problems would start
but I didn't care, I love her with all my heart then our son came into this world
I was so happy that she's my girl...

his mother took my heart
as we watched our child grow
he was now 5 years old
where did the time go
he was walking and talking
doing all the things that little boys will do
when I came home from work that day
I didn't know what to do

his mother took my heart with her, when she left with out a clue
she took the car and furniture
and emptied out the bank account too
I searched and searched forever
many private eye I did pay but none of them could find his mother
and haven't to this day

his mother took my heart
she also took my son
I wonder is she happy
out there on the run
I often think about her
and our son too
I pray to God and ask Him why
please Lord, tell me what to do
2000 Jim Nasium

When He Is Older

She called me for the first time tonight
in such a very long time
she said "hello, how are you,
ya know, you've been on my mind"

I wondered what she wanted
I had no more money to give
then our son got on the phone
wanted to know why I live

so very far away from them
clear across the states
I told him it's a long story and
that telling it would have to wait

maybe some day when he is older
I will sit him near to me
and then I will tell him the story
of how it used to be

between me and his mother
the woman with fire colored hair
it warms my heart to know that they
both wish that I was there
1998 Jim Nasium

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How's It Feel

"How's it feel to be a free man"
was the first thing that she asked me
when I bumped into her the other day
while taking my TV
to the store just round the corner
in back of our favorite shop
she started talking right away
I didn't even want to stop

She asked me if I wanted coffee
and maybe a sweet with her
she suggested we sit in that corner booth
where the memories, are now all blurred
I really don't need to hear her
tell me of the way that it could have been
I don't need to hear her rules and plans
for "our" future, no please, not again

So I told her I was in a hurry
that I had some place I needed to be
I think she knew what I was talking about
when she took a good look at me
and if you took a moment
to look deep with in my eyes
you'll see I lived a thousand deaths
and tried a thousand's try's

Lately things have been so crazy
my time no longer my own
I can't even finish writing this poem
I gott'a go answer the phone
and now that we are no longer
the one that two can be
I think I need to get away
I just want some time for me

1998 Jim Nasium

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Just Another Day Around Here

Just another day round here
or is it, I ask myself
now that it's seems I have been forced
to take my bag of tricks off the shelf
and come up with the best trick yet
I'll show her what I can do
I can't believe she did what she did
I can't believe we are through

Just another day round here
or is it, after all
I never felt this alone before
my world has never been so small
there's nothing I can do now
but to retaliate
fate has played it's last trick on me
it's my turn now, it's still not too late...

Just another day round here
trying to deal with all the crap
that fate gives to me all the time
it's dropped right on my lap
but I know one thing that I can do
there's still one place I can go
it's time to turn around and go back
I have no choice, that much I know...

Just another day round here
no, not at all
everything's been turned upside down
and I feel that I'm gonna fall
back in the pit of darkness
doing the things I used to do
I never thought I would feel like this
but I am, I'm telling you
2000 Jim Nasium

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life is a journey

life is a journey
that much is true
but it's not the same
for me as for you

my journey is often
full of detours
shady characters
and 25 dollar whores

turns and corners
toll booths and rain
life's little journey
is driving me insane
Jim Nasium

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She Got Too Drunk For Words

she got too drunk for words last night
she couldn't speak at all
when ever she tried to stand up
all she did was fall
she laughed and she giggled
till she passed out on the floor
I can remember hearing her say that
she'll never go drinking any more

she got too drunk for words last night
there were no words to explain
the way this woman acted
she really was insane
she danced around in circles
right there in the middle of the hall
all the men that watched her danced
wanted to dance with her, and all...

she got too drunk for words last night
and no one even knew why
she took off in her car like that
looked like she just wanted to die
and so in her drunken anger
she drove right into an on coming truck
too bad I never got to know her
I think I could'a changed her luck...
2000 Jim Nasium

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Your Madness

your madness fits in so nicely with my own
no matter if you're here or if I'm alone
I thought I knew all of the you's... but not yet!
I like the you that comes out late at night all wet
by the light of the full moon
we hug up like two spoons
you play at being human for awhile
as we lie under the moon glow
you know...
your madness goes so nicely with my own

You'll be different in the fall, I know it
your the seasonal type
as your mind races to places we have been
with crumbly white rocks
and pockets full of pesos
we sit here now and laugh about why are we so lucky
together, our madness fits in very nicely here at home
you with your cow heads and me with my computer art
now I write about our start
many years ago
didn't we both know
that this day would come ?
bag lady and a bum
your madness fits so nicely with my own....

1998 Jim Nasium

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A Trip Thru The Night

I took a trip thru the night
Just to get here, to be with you
Dusty narrow roads
Paved with pot holes winding through
Andean mountain peaks
Needing to be crossed

Rivers below bamboo bridges
seem to call to me
Waiting, wanting me to join them
Black waters run near by
None for the dust, none for me...

I wrap your silken scarf 'round my face
In a back seat windowless bus
I gotta get out'a here
Away from all'a this white dust
Yes, I know I must...
Find something new to do
That's why I took a trip thru the night
Just to get here
To be with you..

We sat there and smoked
for three days one night
Under the Andean moonlight
The now cooked-up white dust
What'a site we were that night
Our bellies were empty, we didn't feel at all right
We decided there was only one thing to do
So we packed up our bags
Got on a bus, went south, to Peru
The Year was 1974
I can't remember much more...

1998 Jim Nasium

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She Ate With Her Fingers

She ate with her fingers
as we sat on the dock
the waiter was watching
everyone was in shock
who is this woman
and were is she from
and who is that man
why's he have a gun

She ate with her fingers
as I used my fork
I ordered the langosta
she ordered some pork
and tore it apart
right from her plate
the more I gave her
the more she ate

She ate with her fingers
the place was appalled
you'd think the way they acted
there was some kind'a law
about bringing a woman
from a small jungle town
into the city
to live a bit, and get down

She ate with her fingers
she didn't mind them at all
as they watched from their tables
and leaned on the wall
over near our table
that was out on the dock
over by the fountain
right under the clock

She ate with her fingers
for what seemed like a long time
by now I started wondering
if I had committed a crime
the police had been called in
and an ambulance too
I knew something was wrong
but didn't know what to do

She ate with her fingers
till at last she was done
she looked up and over
at everyone
she stood up and took me
firnly by my hand
she said lets go back to my place
cause you're the man!

She ate with her fingers
it's just what they do
we were back in the small village
a place I once knew
the place where I met her
not too long ago
a place in the Amazon
where no white man should go

She ate with her finger
and tried to teach me
the old ways of the elders
and her family
she gave me some chi chi
and fresh ceviche
were drank and we ate
now lovers, we...

Ate with our fingers
the pleasure and pain
of walking in the jungle
out in the cold rain
we went back to her hut
and I spent the night
we both knew
that it was only right...
2000 Jim Nasium

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When I close my eyes at night
or any time of day
I can always see Him
He is there to guide my way
some where deep inside of me
I can feel Him too
I know that He is watching
every little thing that I do

I wonder why He allows me
to make these silly mistakes
after all He is the man who made
the trees, the mountains and the lakes
He lets me do my own thing
and hopes my thing will be His own
He allows me to make decisions
in my life, about the home

The home that He offers me
when my time here is through
he is always watching me
and He is watching you too
yes, when I close my eyes at night
or any time of day
I can see His face
He helps me, along my way
1999 Jim Nasium

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Now You Know Our Story

was six years ago now
that I had met her on line
we wrote back and forth
and we did chat all the time

I asked her to meet me
and to come to my place
she thought it a good idea
there was no disgrace

that very first weekend
in the motel room
at that point she made up her mind
she wanted me as her groom

she moved from her homeland
to my little town
she has her own island
no one is around

she made room for me there
she wanted me there too
but I had other plans
about what I would do

I am a free spirit
and marriage is not for me
that's why the past six years
have been so rocky

she wants me to marry her
and take her away
I want to stay single
right here, is where I want to stay

she sees her self
one day as my wife
I only see trouble
stress, and strife

we tried our best
to just be friends
we'd work together
now and again

we made so much money
we had so much fun
but then one day
the party was done

coming home from school
she fell down a hill
she broke her ankle
it was rather bad spill

weeks in the hospital
reconstructive surgery too
they said she'd never walk
but she made up her mind to

and so things changed and
she wanted to be a wife
she needed the security now
and wanted me in her life

forever is a long time
and I had to be sure
I wasn't really ready
for her dream and what's more

I'm not into the things that
she likes to do
I am into adventure
and I need excitement too

I need new things
to keep me alive
I ain't into settling down
or any of that jive

I am just me and
she is just she
so what once was
can never again be

I take it easy
one day at a time
now you know our story
I just told it in rhyme...
2000 Jim Nasium

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My Dream:I want to be published

I have often dreamt about the day
when someone would come along
and ask if they could use my poetry
in a book, or for a song
they'd offer me a lot of money
and make me famous too
I have often had this dream
and now I share my dream with you

I have often thought about
what it would be like to be published
my money would come to me in the mail
all day I could sit on the dock and fish
writing silly poems about
the things I do all day
send them in to my publisher
and hope he says OK

I have always wanted to be
published, and hope some day soon
the stars and the planets will line up right
with the sun and moon
the powers that be will shine their light
and send good luck down on me
my work will be published around the world
and I'll go down in History...

I would love to have someone
come up to me some day soon
and ask me if I want to be published
even if I am as crazy as a loon
they'd give me a big deposit
for all my future work
I'd sit at home all alone all day
writing for dollars, like a jerk

I'd always try to meet my dead lines
I'd force my self to write
some new poetry and still find time to do
all the things I love to do at night
to me this would be a dream come true
I think I'd do ok
I have always wanted to be published
and hope I am discovered today!
2000 Jim Nasium

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