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He Had To Call
The Green Acres Poem
Cast Upon Her Island
When I Died
Your Madness
A Trip Thru The Night
My Doom
Silently They Waited
I Grow Tired
Her Siren Song
When He Gets Older
Ten Again
If Everyone Looked Like Me
All Of Them, They All Know My Name

He Had To Call[^] Go Back To The Top

I was laying in bed tonight
just trying to get some sleep
when memories of the past
came to me and started to creep

deep into my calmness
and they awakened me from my peace
now all that I want to do
is something you hide from police...

I was just laying there
trying to rest my mind
when he called and he reminded me
that I had asked him to find

the best that he could get out there
on the cold back Philly streets
he is the one I often call
many times we plan our meets

Now I don't know what to do
I am awake, I just can't sleep
the memories of the days gone by
into my mind have begun to creep

©1999 Jim Nasium

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The Green Acres Poem

Remember the TV show, Green Acres ?
this is my poem about that show[^] Go Back To The Top

The house is a mess but it's my place
tried the steps, fell on my face

When I get in the big gold double bed
the thing comes apart, falls on my head

Tried to hire me a carpenter
to build a room to keep her fur

Tried to plug the toaster in
Dang, I got a shocked again

Hot cakes growing on the grill
life on the farm, such a thrill

Coffee just as thick as mud
sink over flowed, gotta flood

Climb a pole to make a call
careful now, don't cha fall

Growing corn that aint't to tall
all the wheat got the bulweavel

Cows won't give up any milk
spiders busy spinning silk

Hired hand is just a joke
simple minded country folk

Mr. Haney and his truck
stopping by to push his luck

General Store full of thrills
I need me some headache pills

My wife didn't want this life
now each day is full of strife

All she wanted what was she knew
the shops along Park Ave.

She said she feels awlful blue
she miss's the penthouse view

but to me all'a that is all through
life on the farm, always something new...

©1998 Jim Nasium

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Cast Upon Her Island[^] Go Back To The Top

She is still there waiting,
I see her sitting on her shore
She sees me as I drive by
of this I am pretty sure

I drive by that Island
The Island Just Up the Street
more than ever I did before
now that I'm on this side of her door

I seen that her flowers have grown a lot
even though it isn't spring
I see that she has new curtains in the windows
and on the doors, and everything

I wonder if I should stop by and say
hello and how are you
I wonder if she'd talk to me
and if not, then what would I do

So I drive around the block
my eye on the clock, in circles it seems I go
sometimes I still think about her
and I bet that she don't know

I see her sitting in her tower
alone, by the candle light
under the sun, I walk alone these days
under the moon, I walk alone at night

I wonder does she see me...
when I think she don't see me
I wonder is this the way that things
are just gonna have to be?

®1998 Jim Nasium

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When I Died[^] Go Back To The Top

When I died, I can still remember
A tunnel as clear as right now
And as I floated through it
I saw my life gone by me now, somehow

And as I floated aimlessly
I passed the golden days of my youth
I don't understand what happened to me
I was just hangin' out in the shooting gallery booth

I watched as the man cooked it up
in his little silver spoon
I knew he'd be passin' it over
to me, pretty soon

I recall loading my pistol
right up to the top
sticking it in my ears started to ring
and then something went pop

then I found myself floating
in the tunnel I want to show you
I tell you that near death experiences
can really be true

®1999Jim Nasium

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Your Madness[^] Go Back To The Top

your madness fits in so nicely with my own
no matter if you're here or if I'm alone
I thought I knew all of the you's... but not yet!
I like the you that comes out late at night all wet
by the light of the full moon
we hug up like two spoons
you play at being human for awhile
as we lie under the moon glow
you know...
your madness goes so nicely with my own

You'll be different in the fall, I know it
your the seasonal type
as your mind races to places we have been
with crumbly white rocks
and pockets full of pesos
we sit here now and laugh about why are we so lucky
together, our madness fits in very nicely here at home
you with your cow heads and me with my computer art
now I write about our start
many years ago
didn't we both know
that this day would come ?
bag lady and a bum
your madness fits so nicely with my own....

®1998 Jim Nasium

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A Trip Thru The Night[^] Go Back To The Top

I took a trip thru the night
Just to get here, to be with you
Dusty narrow roads
Paved with pot holes winding through
Andean mountain peaks
Needing to be crossed

Rivers below bamboo bridges
seem to call to me
Waiting, wanting me to join them
Black waters run near by
None for the dust, none for me...

I wrap your silken scarf 'round my face
In a back seat windowless bus
I gotta get out'a here
Away from all'a this white dust
Yes, I know I must...
Find something new to do
That's why I took a trip thru the night
Just to get here
To be with you..

We sat there and smoked
for three days one night
Under the Andean moonlight
The now cooked-up white dust
What'a site we were that night
Our bellies were empty, we didn't feel at all right
We decided there was only one thing to do
So we packed up our bags
Got on a bus, went south, to Peru
The Year was 1974
I can't remember much more...

®1998 Jim Nasium

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My Doom[^] Go Back To The Top

I would sit in that basement room
slowly smokin' chunks of my doom
with each blast I got a little closer to where I wanted to be
just this side of eternity
sittin' in that windowless place
the way I acted was a disgrace
burnt matches and empty plastic vials on the floor
and all I wanted to do was just one more
big old blast from that hot crack pipe
yep, I was ready... I was ripe
for the pickin' and that's just what them dealers would do
they were my friend till my money was through
and when I would try to get more on the eye
they didn't care if I lived or if died
now I stay away from that darkened place
you can see the sobriety on my face
I live my life at a slower pace
no longer caught up in that rat race
I would sit in that basement room
smoking chunks of my certain doom

®1998 Jim Nasium

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Silently They Waited[^] Go Back To The Top

Silently they waited
down there by the dock
the sound of the waves crashing
and the ticking of the clock
were the only sounds that they heard
as they stood there waiting for me
that cold wet night, on the dock,
down by the sea

I knew I had to be there
just as the clock struck ten
I knew they wouldn't wait for me
after all they were not my friends
I rushed to make my way that night
throught the dark, in the thick wet fog
I tripped and slipped, got all wet,
when I fell into the bog

®1999Jim Nasium

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I Grow Tired[^] Go Back To The Top

I grow tired of the same old thing
I wonder what to do
remembering days when I was King
if only you really knew

I watched the flag, blowing in the wind
as I walked by the birds that sing
a song of something I can't see
I wonder what's to become of me

Walking and it starts to rain
I wonder if I can take the pain
am I forced to play the game
or suffer forever, and go insane

So I made a deal to help me pay
for toof work I needed to get done
I never thought I'd hear them say
they want out of our deal, and run

Away from things that were to be
a site, here on the internet
I guess ya can't trust everyone
sometimes, I guess I forget

So I took the bus to my house
didn't wanna walk home in the rain
I sat alone, quiet as a mouse
the trip home drove me insane

I looked around at all the folks
that were on the bus with me
they all have their own personal pain
that much was clear to see

One woman who sat near to me
she has the saddest face
she looked liked she worked very hard
and that was no disgrace

I wondered now what I would do
since she was getting off at my stop
cause waiting there about half past two
were two detectives and a cop

I watched her as she got off the bus
carrying the big bag of shoes
she has lived a very long life
she has paid her dues

I can see it in her face
as she started to walk towards her place
the cop grab her to my surprise
ya should'a seen the look in the old ladies eyes

There it was just as plain as day
she had a whole kilo stashed away
deep inside one'a them shoes
I knew this would be on the news

Just about then from out'a the sky
came a big copter with some news guy
who asked everyone if they knew why
some people do what they do, why try

To get away with things that are
against the law, he was real tall
and as I looked back at him
I realized the old lady took a fall

I thought that it must be real tuff
when you're old I'm sure it's rough
low income, so ya live alone
can't pay for food or your phone

So some one offers you a bone
they tell ya what to do
and so ya run some drugs for them
to make a little extra cash, just for you

The bus turned round the corner now
I felt like I didn't belong
I wonder what that old lady would do
stay quiet or sing the song

Later that night
I heard in the news
that the old lady was ok
she didn't loose

she had somehow been framed
by some one unseen
the shoes were not really hers
ya know what I mean

She went on to tell the cops
that she met a real nice man
he asked her to carry the shoes
and told her of his plan

I sit here watching everything
wondering what I am gonna do
as I search for something to write
some thing new to offer you

Growing tired of the same old thing
I wonder what to do
remembering days when I was King
you have no idea, do you?

©1999 Jim Nasium

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Her Siren Song[^] Go Back To The Top

I won't hear her as she is singing
Her siren song of excuses no more
I can't stand on her island shore
I have to stay away from the whore
I am in the water of love
just a little too deep
Love and lovers only make
New reasons for me too weep
Late at night, here all alone
She is somewhere, come on phone...
Ring, so she can sing
Her siren song of excuses...
But her juices
will no longer flow
When I don't go
I won't show my face at her place
I will stand on her island shore no more
I guess it is true what ya said
She is just a whore
It's been swimmin' round in my head
I guess I am too old
To stand on her island shore
So let the story be told
I'm just an old tired hippie
That's for sure...
Some say I act a bit dippy
But I won't be doing that any more

®1997Jim Nasium

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When He Gets Older[^] Go Back To The Top

She called me for the first time tonight
in such a very long time
she said "hello, how are you,
ya know, you've been on my mind"

I wonder what she wanted
I had no more money to give
then our son got on the phone
wanted to know why I live

so very far away from them
clear across the states
I told him it's a long story and
that telling it would have to wait

maybe some day when he is older
I will sit him near to me
and then I will tell him the story
of how it used to be

between me and his mother
the woman with fire for hair
it warms my heart to know that they
wish that I was there
®1998 Jim Nasium

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If Everyone Looked Like Me[^] Go Back To The Top

Some times I wonder
what it would be
like if every one
looked just like me

Now I think I understand
what God had in His plans
We all look like we do
cause I am me and YOU are you

..and I think about YOU
most all of the time
I write verse about you
and I write rhyme
and I hope that some day
you will in your own way
understand that I am me
and that I always will be

that's just the way it is
there is nothing that we can do
now there are two ones
where there used to be one two

and I do look like you...
you look like me too
I still can't understand
why you ran away...
took my son that long gone now day
but that's another poem...

®1998 Jim Nasium

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Ten Again[^] Go Back To The Top

I was with my brother's seven year old son
out riding our bikes, just havin' some fun
We went to all the places his father and I knew
as children, lookin' for something to do
and to see what ever we might see...
Just then as he was riding next to me
the sunlight reflected off'a his bicycle rim
and as I looked up and over at him
In a moment I was a kid again!
I was ten, and then
in that moment to my surprise
I was seeing through a ten year old's eyes
It was my brother and I on our bikes
not me and his son
the whole rest of the day we had a lott'a fun
And since this story is all too real
I wanted to share the way the sun made me feel
and tell you what the sun can do
yes, this really happened ... it is true!

®1998 Jim Nasium

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All Of Them, They All Know My Name[^] Go Back To The Top

They all say that they know my name
Some claim to see through my game
Some claim they'd give me fame
Some came, just to drive me insane

They all say they know my name
They don't know I can see through them too
They say they want one thing but
I know what they really want to do

And I know what you want too
You still want to be in my heart
You have, I know, from the start
Many miles apart yet somehow still true

Then YOU want me to marry YOU
To get us a small house
To be there when ever you need me
To stay quiet as a mouse

Others want me to draw for them
Banners of blue and green
They come to me when they need me
When drawing is done they flee

One I know wants to be a friend
While she remains unseen
She is mousy with a rough voice
She wants to be some other man's Queen

The one that we call The Woman Child
Came and made me smile awhile
Now pulled away by her life's trials
The distance more than just the miles

Then one of them says she needs my words
Her voice I asked her to give to me
She said "I can't because after all
I am no longer free"

One thinks all of my poems are about her
She has been waiting for one of her own you see
She said that I just don't understand
How much she cares about me

One of them is far away
She is the maker of cow heads
I haven't heard much about her lately
She might even be dead

One or two of them say they love me
Words that cut me, just like a knife
But not as deep as the words YOU speak
"I want to be your wife"

I think that I understand why they use me
When done they just throw me away
I think I understand it all too clearly now
So this has to be the very last day

They all say they know my name
Some claim to see through my games
Trouble seems to follow fame
That's why I am NOT to blame

If they really truly knew the man
Whose name they all say they know
My heart would full with happiness
The joy would truly show

I will say in your face that is not the case
And my heart is still black, broken and cold
Tonight’s the night I changed my name
NOW... let the story be told

®1998 Jim Nasium

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