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The Shower Massager

Mine is ebony and silver
Hers is ivory and gold
I gave it to her because
I knew she wanted something to hold
While she took thoes long cold showers
Each and every week night
Taking them all alone, she said
Ya just donít feel right

Now she has a shower massager
The one I gave her pulsates too
I have never seen her happier
I wonder what it is she will do
In the shower for an hour
Alone late at night
What ever it is she is doing
It makes her feel all right

There is just one more thing
That I need to give to her
To use while shes all alone
On her island just up the street
I have to give her a longhandled backbrush
She'll know then for sure
That a shower can be a real treat

©98 Jim Nasium
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