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she wonders

She Wonders [part one]

He wanted her to marry him
before he set off to war
he wanted to have sex with her
but didn't want to make her a whore
he had hopes she'd give him a child
a boy to follow his family trade
he wouldn't be in the war very long
but she was too afraid
and so she said no to him
as he flew away
his plane was shot down and he was killed
now she can not forget the day
he took her hand into his own
and got down on one knee
and begged her with a tear in his eye
won't you marry me...
200 Jim Nasium

she wonders

She Wonders [part two]

She holds her head and wonders
about all that's on her mind
she needs to try to get away
and maybe a safe place to find
where she can hide away from
the rat race she calls her life
she wishes now she had married him
and became his loving wife

he went off to war
not too long ago
he flies a jet fighter
and is a captain, ya know
he was the best pilot
in his class of '99
not too long ago he was shot down
his dead body they could never find

so she hold her head and wonders what can she do now
she'll never see him again
and needs to forget him somehow
but he is in her heart and
dancing in memories that fill her head
she wonders is life worth living
now that he is dead
2000 Jim Nasium

she wonders

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