She Stands There

I haven't seen her for awhile
but it feels just like yesterday
was the last time I saw her
there is so much I want to say
she needs to know exactly how I feel
she's the woman who stole my heart
I can only hope that the time has come
at last for our new start

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She's standing right there in front of me
but I can't find the right words to say
how much I want to have her back
and that I miss her every day
the woman with hair the color of fire
just stands and waits for me
she said that she knows me all too well
from my history

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She said that she'd always love me
but it seems that she just don't care
that I want to take her in my arms
it's as if she's not there
standing right in front of me
it this new and magical place
I must admit that it's great
to just see her face

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©2000 Jim Nasium
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