The Perfect Woman: 2 Poems
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Perfect Woman

If I could make the perfect woman
I'd take a little of each woman I have known
and mix up all their talents
until at last she was full grown
she be exactly what I think
that the perfect woman should be
I'd mix up talents and body parts
till she was perfect just for me

I'd take Joanne's long red hair
and milky white fair skin
the singer, dancer and piano player
I'd take from dear old Karen
the artists I would take from Susan
the poet from one you don't know
but she lives very near to me
a place I sometimes go

I'd take Justine's talents in the bedroom
and mix it up with Nancy's concern
for spending and saving money
she keeps track of every cent that ya earn
of course there would be my mother
and the way she used to cook
can you start to get an idea now
of how this woman would look

I'd take the love my Grandmom has
the wisdom from Ester Ruth
the legs that the hooker had
the other day in the cafe booth
I'd work on this project faithfully
until my work was done
and then when she was ready
she and I would have some fun

I'd mix and match like Frankenstein
until I had the perfect blend
and then I would clone her
over and over again
and give one to all the men I know
who have a broken heart
perhaps with the perfect woman
we could have a brand new start
©2000 Jim Nasium

Wanted: The Perfect Woman

I have been searching everywhere
on line and in town
I read every newspaper
but so far she hasn't been found
I've gone to every singles club
and singles dances too
I am at my wit's end
and I don't know what to do

I'm looking for the perfect woman
my soul mate forever to be
a lady with some things in common
to share every day with me
I know she is out there somewhere
but so far she hasn't been found
Wanted: The Perfect Woman
the search for her is getting me down

I'm looking for the perfect woman
some one pretty, funny and bright
a woman who is not afraid to work all day
then cuddle up with me all night
she must understand one thing
I am not the kind to crawl
but I do have a lot of love to give
and am willing to give it all

IF you are the perfect woman
and have been looking for a man
some one who's big and strong
but has a gentle hand
won't you please consider me
I'm here most every day
Wanted: The Perfect Woman
is all I have to say...

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