A Dozen GymPoems On One Page by Jim Nasium
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I Am Not Like...
Cast Upon Her Island
Silently They Waited
Your Madness
A Trip Thru The Night
They Work Together
The Four Season's
The Phone
For So Many Years
When He Gets Older
Ten Again


everything happens for a reason

Everything in life happens for a reason
this much I know to be true
I just wish I understood them
when these thing's happened to me and you

Everything happens for a reason
well at least that's what they say
but as I watch life all around me
I get more confused every day

Everything happens for a reason
but when everything happens I wish it would
give ya a full explanation
something clear, and easily understood

Everything does happen for a reason
and in my heart that's the way I feel
so I offer Him my thanks and praise
every day humbly as I kneel

Everything happens for a reason
that may not be understood
but everything that happens to me
it seems, turns out exactly as it should...
1999 Jim Nasium

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I Am Not Like...

I am NOT Like Al Bundy or Paul Bauckman

It seems to me you don't understand
The double standard if you're a man
you will do what you are told
and if you think I am too bold

just remember that I am a guy
and that the only reason why
I can do all the things I wanna do
is 'cause I can stand to piss... can you?

So if you must compare me to
The Bauckman boy and Al Bundy, Sue
Then there are a few things I wanna tell you
It's time I made this clear to you

I am like no other
I came from my mother
many hats are what I wear
many trades, lives and interest i share

you see me go without fear
to the places others wouldn't dare
now i ask you to think about this
my sweet lil horney miss

If I were like the Bauckman boy
Ever so clever and very coy
Or if I were just like Al Bundy
And didn't wanna go to work on monday

Then I might agree with you
And just because I do just a few
Of the things these guy do
And share their every point of view

There is one thing I have to point out to you:
I AM NOT like them at all
I am like NO ONE you ever knew....
I am proud, and I can stand tall!

My sweet lil horney miss, yes YOU!
I think it is so funny, but it's all true
that afterall, you still wanna call me honey
I am so happy we have met, all ya want is my money

1997 Jim Nasium

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Cast Upon Her Island

She is still there waiting,
I see her sitting on her shore
She sees me as I drive by
of this I am pretty sure

I drive by that Island
The Island Just Up the Street
more than ever I did before
now that I'm on this side of her door

I seen that her flowers have grown a lot
even though it isn't spring
I see that she has new curtains in the windows
and on the doors, and everything

I wonder if I should stop by and say
hello and how are you
I wonder if she'd talk to me
and if not, then what would I do

So I drive around the block
my eye on the clock, in circles it seems I go
sometimes I still think about her
and I bet that she don't know

I see her sitting in her tower
alone, by the candle light
under the sun, I walk alone these days
under the moon, I walk alone at night

I wonder does she see me...
when I think she don't see me
I wonder is this the way that things
are just gonna have to be?

1998 Jim Nasium

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Silently They Waited

Silently they waited
down there by the dock
the sound of the waves crashing
and the ticking of the clock
were the only sounds that they heard
as they stood there waiting for me
that cold wet night, on the dock,
down by the sea

I knew I had to be there
just as the clock struck ten
I knew they wouldn't wait for me
after all they were not my friends
I rushed to make my way that night
throught the dark, in the thick wet fog
I tripped and slipped, got all wet,
when I fell into the bog

Later when they met me
they took one look at me
they didn't care that I was wet
they only wanted the money
as they handed me the black bag
I handed them the cash
later when I got home
I broke out in a rash

Something in the water
that had laid in the bog
or maybe it was something
that was in the fog
had just done something
very strange to me
my skin was turning colors
how could this be

Looking in my big black bag
I really didn't care
about the rash that was on my skin
or about my itchy hair
all I really wanted
was what was in that bag
I wonder do you understand
I am not one to brag

but I did very well that night
out there on the dock
listening to the wave crash
and the ticking of the clock

1998 Jim Nasium

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Your Madness

your madness fits in so nicely with my own
no matter if you're here or if I'm alone
I thought I knew all of the you's... but not yet!
I like the you that comes out late at night all wet
by the light of the full moon
we hug up like two spoons
you play at being human for awhile
as we lie under the moon glow
you know...
your madness goes so nicely with my own

You'll be different in the fall, I know it
your the seasonal type
as your mind races to places we have been
with crumbly white rocks
and pockets full of pesos
we sit here now and laugh about why are we so lucky
together, our madness fits in very nicely here at home
you with your cow heads and me with my computer art
now I write about our start
many years ago
didn't we both know
that this day would come ?
bag lady and a bum
your madness fits so nicely with my own....

1998 Jim Nasium

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A Trip Thru The Night

I took a trip thru the night
Just to get here, to be with you
Dusty narrow roads
Paved with pot holes winding through
Andean mountain peaks
Needing to be crossed

Rivers below bamboo bridges
seem to call to me
Waiting, wanting me to join them
Black waters run near by
None for the dust, none for me...

I wrap your silken scarf 'round my face
In a back seat windowless bus
I gotta get out'a here
Away from all'a this white dust
Yes, I know I must...
Find something new to do
That's why I took a trip thru the night
Just to get here
To be with you..

We sat there and smoked
for three days one night
Under the Andean moonlight
The now cooked-up white dust
What'a site we were that night
Our bellies were empty, we didn't feel at all right
We decided there was only one thing to do
So we packed up our bags
Got on a bus, went south, to Peru
The Year was 1974
I can't remember much more...

1998 Jim Nasium

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They Work Together

they work together
from dawn to dusk
they get all dirty
and smell like musk

tired when the setting sun
tells them both the day is done
another day another dollar
ya ought'a hear 'em scream and holler

day after day it's the same old things
for these two, the Concrete Kings
but with pockets full of fresh earned dough
they are happy, don't ya know...

as they drive home in their trucks
thinking silently that this life sucks
yet it is the the thing they do
yes this poem is all too true...
1998 Jim Nasium

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The Four Season's

Winter comes and goes so slow
it's really not my friend
ya know that I look forward to
the spring of the year again

Springs the time I like the most
so I go out and enjoy, and toast
the promise that the spring buds bring
soon will be summer time again

summer time for me you see
has always been the best of all
I do my concrete work in the summer
and straight through to the fall

then comes fall and I get so blue
cause I know what it is that I gott'a do
get myself ready for winter weather it's true
and wish the summer a fond ado'

each season to me is special
and each in it's own way
I like living here with four season's
and don't have much more to say
1999 Jim Nasium

1998 Jim Nasium

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The Phone

I come home from work each day
just about the same time
and what I see when I do
always blows my mind...
you are still in your bathrobe
fuzzy pink slippers too
the curlers that are in your hair
should have been out long ago, just like you
the babies in her high chair
she's crying all the time
the food that was left on the stove
is burnt... it's a crime
you have that phone up to one ear
it's the same thing all the time
and I when I say, "how are you dear
you look at me like I was slime
I can't believe that you spend all day long
on the phone with a friend....
I just can't take it no more
this has got to end

1998 Jim Nasium

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For So Many Years

For so many years now
I have had this dream
so many years now
things are not really as they seem
so very far away
she says that she is waiting
for my return some day

I see her hair of fire
it glitters out in the sun
I watch our son as he runs around
he is playing, and having fun

another sits much closer
I know what she wats to do
I sometimes think about her
I wonder wouldn't you
on the island just up the street
for far too long the dream lived on
I am looking for my next treat
I often think about the
magical lands of days gone by
I wonder should I return some day
but I say to myself, why

yet for so many years now
I have had this same dream
for so many years now
things are not really as they seem
1999 Jim Nasium

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When He Gets Older

She called me for the first time tonight
in such a very long time
she said "hello, how are you,
ya know, you've been on my mind"

I wonder what she wanted
I had no more money to give
then our son got on the phone
wanted to know why I live

so very far away from them
clear across the states
I told him it's a long story and
that telling it would have to wait

maybe some day when he is older
I will sit him near to me
and then I will tell him the story
of how it used to be

between me and his mother
the woman with fire for hair
it warms my heart to know that they
wish that I was there
1998 Jim Nasium

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Ten Again

I was with my brother's seven year old son
out riding our bikes, just havin' some fun
We went to all the places his father and I knew
as children, lookin' for something to do
and to see what ever we might see...
Just then as he was riding next to me
the sunlight reflected off'a his bicycle rim
and as I looked up and over at him
In a moment I was a kid again!
I was ten, and then
in that moment to my surprise
I was seeing through a ten year old's eyes
It was my brother and I on our bikes
not me and his son
the whole rest of the day we had a lott'a fun
And since this story is all too real
I wanted to share the way the sun made me feel
and tell you what the sun can do
yes, this really happened ... it is true!

1998 Jim Nasium

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