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I Love You... But Then I Again I Love To Fish

Even though I said I loved you
and have right from the start
what I am about to say to you
is surely gonna break your heart
my voice may seem full of anger
and my eyes full with desire
but it is way to late to write too much more
I feel a little to tired
to get into this subject
and discuss love with you
yes I said that I love you
what more do ya want me to do?
and even though I do love you
there is one thing I think you should know
I am NOT really in love with you
with these words now you'll know
that to me there is a big difference
between loving and being in love
one is something based on lust
the other is a gift from above
so when I say I love you
please remember this
I really do love you
but then again, I love to fish
1998 Jim Nasium

and then there is this version

OK I love you... but...

There is this one thing I must say
For the time has come to go away
This time when I go, I go to stay
I love you, but then again, I love my truck...

I love you, yes that is true
I love my computer, and my TV too
I love to go out and push my luck
I love you but then again, I love my truck

there is a big difference well anyhow, to me
between loving and being in love, it's easy to see
that yes I do love you, you're a great fuck
but then again, I love my truck
1996 Jim Nasium
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