Not The Only One To Take A Fall
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

Just when you think it's all ok
and that everything's in it's place
something comes along
and smacks you in the face
you run into a brick wall
plans just fall apart
things don't go like you want them to
or had them planned from the start

You're standing very firmly
got both feet on the ground
someone pulls the rug out from under you
very quickly with out a sound
you take the fall the best you can
but the pain is in your heart
it's funny how one moment everything is ok
then the next moment it's falling apart

You take everything for granted
expect it will always be there
then one day when you're not ready
it all just disappears
no one was there to warn you
or to comfort your broken heart
it's funny how all is going ok
then one day it just falls apart

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She lays on her bed she is dreaming
of our time spent together in the past
this is not the way she wanted it to be
she thought that we would last
but life takes us on it's journeys
and sometimes we need a fresh start
one day two hearts beat as one
the next day they are torn apart

Helpless now to change things
that have been etched in stone
you spend your lonely days and night
sitting at the keyboard alone
typing silly love sick poems
to any one at all
just to let them know that they
are not the only one who took a fall
©2001 Jim Nasium

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