Nothing Happens Here
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

Today someone was in an accident
some one else was the victim of a crime
some one stood and begged on the corner
till he had enough for one dime
some one was hurt on the job
another has something new to fear
some one else made a lot of money
but nothing happened here

some one just had a baby
another person just died
some one was laughing with joy
while some one else cried
some one somewhere is eating
some one has no place to stay
some one out there is hungry
but nothing happened here today

some one just lost a fortune
someone just got a loan
some one likes to have company
another wants to be alone
someone is getting high on drugs
another is drinking beer
some one just had a heart attack
but nothing happened here

some one was asked to marry
another went off to war
some one did something they shouldn't have done
while they were behind a locked door
some one broke some ones heart
some one went far away
some one is in bed having fun
but nothing happened here today

some one was made very happy
they now have love in their heart
some one passed a test today
while another one got a fresh start
so much happens all around me
but nothing will ever happen to me I fear
I sit and watch it happen all around
but nothing happens here
©2001 Jim Nasium

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