Poetry by Jim Nasium

The Nazca Lines

I look out my hotel window
to the flat lands far below
I knew I had to come here
it's a place I just had to know
I see the lines they left behind
that run across The Andes
etched into the dry dead ground
what will a Nazca Line do for me

The day goes by so slowly
I watch them as they work
they walk the lines back and forth
they don't mind that I lurk
I try to make some sense of
all that's going on
but floating so high up in the sky
every thing I come up with seems wrong

Nights down here seem to go to fast
I like to watch the sky
down here in the Southern Hemisphere
you see things that make you wonder why
you begin to feel so very small
just a part of the mystery
this is a very sacred place
rich in history

The air is so thin that you can't breathe
so they give you more coca tea
they let you do what ever you want
here in the alto plano you are free
but I like to sit behind the window
and watch them as they play
trying to understand the Nazca Lines
a little more each day
©2001 Jim Nasium

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