The Dog Days Of August: In Three Parts
A Poem by Jim Nasium

The Dog Days Of August
I'm glad to be inside
it's too hot out there
there's no place to hide
it's ninety-two in the shade
in the sun it's one hundred and three
the sun is getting hotter
outside is no place to be

The Dog Days Of August
the ultra violet rays
I'd rather sit right here
lost in a self induced haze
from my picture window
I see the world go by
I don't give a damn
I'm on medication and high

The Dog Days Of August
float in my head
I stay in my studio
or relax in my bed
the AC is humming
this room is so cool
it normally is all the time
around here that's the rule

The Dog Days Of August
are way too hot for me
the sun isn't the same
as it used to be
or maybe it's because I'm older
learning things first hand
I can't take the heat
it's too much for this old man


The Dog Days Of August
I spent in my youth
working with my father
pouring concrete and acting uncouth
drinking, chasing women, making money
were all that mattered to me
it didn't matter at all
how hot the sun got to be

The Dog Days Of August
many years ago
were different than today
and I know you know
the air is so unhealthy
ozone is melting away
the ultra violet ray danger
is here to stay

The Dog Days Of August
even when it's eighty degrees
the sun is still so hot
it'll drop you to your knees
the heat is too intense
it tries to dehydrate you
it's best to stay inside
you can find something to do

The Dog Days Of August
kicked back in this room
here there's only peace
no problems, no gloom
at least for me any way
after all this is my place
it's where I'll pass away
with a smile on my face


The Dog Days Of August
if you can take the heat
go down to the shore
there's plenty of people to meet
some of them will like you
they'll want to take you home
use you and abuse you
like their personal gnome

The Dog Days Of August
like none ever before
it's best to stay inside
call a Dial A Massage Whore
it's way too hot outside
but here in the AC
life is easy and as I'd have it
well, at least for me

The Dog Days Of August
will soon be gone
there will be dead leaves
laying on the lawn
the trees will all be naked
there'll be a chill in the air
soon summer will be over
and I don't even care

The Dog Days Of August
days I may never see again
I know what the doctor told me
but he couldn't say exactly when
hey that's ok I don't mind
when my time is through
I will go and just so you know
He can take me when ever He wants to...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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