The Fog
A Poem by Jim Nasium

A cold damp foggy morning
I decided to go outside
took a walk to clear my head
said some prayers, swallowed my pride
accepted facts for what they are
I will never be same
very lucky to still be alive
my spirits whole but my bodies lame

The crisp air was thick and wet
I couldn't see far at all
every thing looked so strange
that morning in early fall
the more I walked the better I felt
until I realized
I had to turn and go back soon
then much to my surprise

A woman appeared from nowhere
suddenly she was just there
had a smile on her face
under her trench coat she was bare
that much was very plain to see
since her coat wasn't buttoned
when it comes to a new affair
I'm always such a glutton

We stood there for a moment
I looked into her bed room eyes
she started talking about her self
I expected her story to be lies
she asked me to tell her my name
and about things I like to do
I told her I like walking in the fog
and meeting woman like you

Where are you going she asked
in a very erotic voice
I'm going with you, I said
I really didn't have a choice
I felt her eyes pulling me
she wanted to be mine
I like walking in the fog
you never know what you will find...


We decided to go for coffee
there was a cafe not far away
we walked through the new park
a place where children can play
we talked a bit about the war
the election and some other things
I offered to push her gently
as she sat on one of the swings

A few minutes later
she got dizzy she said
we sat down on a bench
I gently rubbed her head
which lead to our first kiss
and a dozen more
she asked if I had money
told me she was a whore

I told her I already knew that
it was plain to see in her eye
I told her she was in luck
I'm a very endowed guy
she took a feel for herself
she said ok lets go
she expressed a urgent desire
I felt myself start to grow

I helped her button up her coat
even held the door
as we walked into the cafe
on a wet hard wood floor
we found a table in the corner
ordered coffee and something to eat
her glowing bed room eyes
assured me I was in for a treat

Time passed quickly for us
before we knew it two hours passed by
she invited me back to her place
I already knew the reason why
we walked together hand in hand
to her place the way that lovers do
the fog was gone the sun was out
sky was clear and blue...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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