We Sit Outside And Talk
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Times goes by so quickly
our years together went by too fast
what's happened to my health
I thought it'd always last
what happened to the color of my hair
her tits sag now and got real fat
we've buried two good old dogs
and a very cleaver cat

It's too much work for her to cook
besides it's very expensive to do
so she has her meals delivered
they come at nine and again at two
she does ok for a woman her age
but she don't enjoy sex anymore
what the hell am I supposed to do
I want to do her till she's sore

She won't go for a ride on her bike
claims it hurts her ass
all she does is bitch and moan
smokes menthol cigarettes with no class
she's ready to talk about anything
she can go on all night
some think she has lost her mind
others think she's very bright

She never wants to go anywhere
claims she has no money
no matter what I say or do
she never thinks it's funny
I tell her the truth about things
she just gets mad at me
I ask her to cuddle like two spoons
she says she's got to pee

When I try to talk to her
she'll just go on and on
it don't even matter to her
if what she's says is wrong
I never tried to explain
my love for her was true
she never seemed to get it
what am I supposed to do

It's too much work for her to cook
besides it's expensive too
we don't have sex any more
there's not much that we can do
we sit and talk in the afternoon
out on her patio all alone
like the two old friends we are
over the years we've both grown

I love her even with her faults
even though she drives me crazy
I don't even care a bit
that she's a little lazy
she is only who she is
can't be more that that
she still looks good in her summer dress
wearing her summer hat

Years ago it was different
we were young and full of fire
now we've grown sick and old
yet still there lingers a desire
conversation's all we have
so we sit outside and talk
sometimes after dinner
we'll take a little walk...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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