She Learned Many Italian Love Songs
A Poem by Jim Nasium

She learned many Italian Love Songs
in a late night back street cafe
she sang with a band please understand
nothing ever got in her way
she always knew what she wanted
got every thing she wanted too
that was until she met a man
she knew would leave her blue

He stood about six foot tall
his hair long curly and brown
he had a physic that left her weak
was the best dressed man around
as it happened he owned the place
the family had a stake in it too
but when cupids arrows hit ya
there's nothing you can do

Her voice was like a sirens song
men who heard her sing fell in love
she looked good out there center stage
with highlight lights from above
when ever she'd sing a song
there was silence in the place
each and every man sitting there
had desire on his face

He lived the life of a King
had everything a guy could need
and if you crossed him in business
his "boys" would make you bleed
the money came in and it went out
he lived large to say the least
when ever they'd get together at night
she and he would have a feast

She learned many Italian Love Songs
in a back street late night cafe
the man she loved owned the place
people would do what ever she'd say
she sang each night for something to do
had dreams of being famous one day
that was until the man she loved
disappeared and they sold the cafe

Years went by then late one night
she got a telephone call
there was a man standing at her front door
she couldn't believe what she saw
he said how ya doing baby
it's been a long long time
I had to skip town for awhile
that scum bag Franco went and dropped a dime

She jumped into his waiting arms
they hugged each other for awhile
he pushed her away and started to say
it's so good to see your smile
just as her children came to the door
asking mommy who is that man
she didn't have to say a word
he seemed to understand

He said good by and walked away
got into the back of his Cadillac
she shut the door with a tear in her eye
knowing he'd never come back
too many years had passed them by
they each took their own course
she learned many Italian Love Songs
and I got that straight from the source...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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