I Still Think About Them At Night
A Poem by Jim Nasium

When I was a much younger man
and every thing worked ok
I'd go to my girlfriends house
she and I and her girl friend would play
we'd spend the whole afternoon
tangled in a lovers knot
they both claimed they loved me
and they loved each other a lot

Our afternoons turned into over nights
the time went quickly by
we used to drink a lot of wine
and we'd get real high
we decided to live together
and from that day on
our life just got better
as our time passed on

The weeks turned into months
the months into three years
we lived our own lives happily
laughed and shed a few tears
one day my girl and her girl
packed up and moved away
when I got home they were gone
I didn't know what to do or say

When I was a much younger man
and everything worked ok
I did what ever I wanted to
just lived from day to day
no one ever slowed me down
I flew free as a kite
but never the less I will confess
I still think about them at night...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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