Don't Come Back No More
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I was sitting alone in an old cafe
down on the bad side of town
she came in and broke the silence
after all no one else was around
I asked her to sit with me
have a drink and some conversation
she asked me if I like girls
or if I was into masturbation

I laughed so hard I fell off my chair
she said sure I'll sit with you
and later if you are a good boy
I got a real treat for you too
we drank some wine, ate some cheese
chewed on some fresh Italian bread
then she got under the table
and gave me a little head

I paid the bill we left the place
we were going to her house
she didn't have a lot to say
in the car she was quiet as a mouse
I pulled up in her driveway
she handed me her keys
looked me right in the eye
said let me do what ever I please

Just allow me my way tonight
before it's too late and I'm gone
I've a store of supplies she said
that should last us through till dawn
I saw the sign in her eyes
heard the love I'd need in her voice
it was all too clear to me
I really didn't have a choice

I shouted out OK I'll stay
then during the next few hours
we left the rat race behind in her place
even took a couple of showers
instead of saying all the right things
leave it to me to say something wrong
I told her she wasn't my equal
she stopped singing her siren song

She suggested I get dressed and leave
but I didn't have the right answer
she said she needed to get some sleep
after all she was a night club dancer
I asked her to please calm down
said I'd really like to stay
she said she just wasn't prepared
for what she heard me say

Another love affair gone wrong
I left with out saying a word
as I walk out the front door
I got shit on by a bird
my car had a flat tire
it came without a spare
I begged to use her telephone
she said she didn't care

I slipped and tripped on her steps
fell face down on the ground
when I finally got back up
there was no one else around
I went back up on her porch
started tapping on the door
she came out with a shotgun
said don't come back no more!

I was sitting in an old cafe
down on the bad side of town
she came in and broke the silence
there was no one else around
I asked her to sit with me
she invited me to her place
I ended up leaving her home
my head hanging low in disgrace...

©2004 Jim Nasium

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