Just The Way Things Go
A Poem by Jim Nasium

A night just like any other
nothing to do no place to go
decided to head down town
get some dinner, maybe see a show
on my way I passed The Corner
saw my old friends hanging around
decided to talk to them for awhile
wanted to find out what's going down

Old Johnny B. said hell-o to me
Wee Wee, Bobby and Spanky were there
it seems nothing has changed in their life
but none of them seem to care
Monk was nodding against the wall
Lil Dan was going faster than light
I never thought it'd be a mistake
when I stopped by the comer that night

What's her name whose half insane
came walking across the street
she gave me a hug and a kiss
was looking real hot and sweet
she asked for a ride to her place
I guess I should'a known better
she's lead me astray in the past
but after all I guess I let her

On the way to her place
she asked me to make a stop
it was just around the corner
she really needed to cop
we saw Binky and he asked me
if I wanted some of it too
I told him I don't smoke that shit
he said it's been nice to see you

She got her stuff and we took off
her scoring didn't bother me at all
that was until I saw the police
I couldn't believe what I saw
they followed us for awhile
slowly we went down the road
then a siren sound and all around
the red and blue police lights glowed

"Get out of the car put your hands on the roof
don't move or I'll shoot you in the head"
these Philly cops don't fuck around
they'd rather see ya dead
I asked the officer frisking me
what the hell did he stop me for
he said "for buying crack cocaine
and for being with a well known whore"

I never did get to eat diner
didn't get to see the show
made bail but it took eight hours
down the way is no place to go
especially for me who innocently
stopped by just to say hell-o
if not for bad luck I'd have none at all
sometimes that's just the way things go...

Note: this poem is FICTION

©2004 Jim Nasium

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