Watching Shadows
A Poem by Jim Nasium

You try so hard
to forget your past
you do ok for awhile
but it just don't last
there is a need
you got to satisfy
it makes you feel whole
you just don't know why

Demons call out
in the empty night
they lie to you
say "it'd be alright
go ahead and do it
just one more time
you need the comfort
it's not a crime"

Old money is spent
that needs to be saved
this thing you do
will put you in the grave
if you're not careful
and take it slow
only you and the demons
ever need to know

Another night wasted
you sat up alone
in total silence
turned off the phone
found a little comfort
in this thing you do
don't care what you think
it will be the end of you
Old habits are hard

to forget and break
this thing you do
don't give but will take
it steals your time
leaves you no place to go
you sit bug eyed sweating
watching shadows ...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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