That Night That Day
A Poem by Jim Nasium


I met her one day
while I was down town
I asked her out
to mess around
didn't know she was married
found out to late
when we made love
we sealed our fate

Time passed by quickly
it's been over a year
I like her a lot
especially when she's here
but she is married
got children and a man
why she went out with me
I'll never understand

We meet now and then
to spend a few hours
I give her gifts
candy and flowers
we go out to eat
then go to bed
wanting more time together
"let's spend a whole night" she said

Plans were made
lies all in place
takeing this chance
to see her pretty face
went against the grain
but what could I do
if you saw her
you'd want her too


I stood there silently
watching her watch the moon
I knew she'd be mine
again pretty soon
I called out to her
are you ready yet
she smiled at me
felt no regret

We made our way
to the hotel room
one night of lust
might be our doom
but we took our chances
made love all night
she is so pretty
hot wet and tight

When we awoke
early the next morning
to a knock on the door
that came with out warning
her husband found us
together alone
he kicked in the door
picked up the phone

He called the police
told them where we were
I wasn't ready for this
what I saw was a blur
when he shot her
right in the head
he told me that
she was better off dead


She lay there bleeding
all over the bed
my whole life flashed
inside my head
words escaped me
for the time being
didn't know what to do
in this surreal scean

Time stood still
for what seemed like forever
I knew in my heart
that I would never
love her again
or see another day
I was very surprised
when I heard him say

"I do not blame you
it takes two to tango
I've tried to forgive her
but couldn't let it go
I really loved her
but she broke my heart
this is not an ending
it's a new start

I begged forgiveness
he let me go
told me not to worry
to go with the flow
so I got dressed
left right away
I will never forget
that night that day...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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