I Must Be Watching Too Much TV
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Two nights ago I met Dianne Sawyer
she came to me in a dream
too bad I didn't realize that
dreams are never as they seem
we had some fun together
she was very good to me
wanted to stay with her longer
I must be watching too much TV

Tried hard to dream about her again
to finish what we had started
just hanging out with her for awhile
made me feel so light hearted
no matter how hard I tried to see her
she just wouldn't come back in my dream
I was a bit upset and won't forget
what I did to blow off steam

Then last night I dreamt I met Ophra
she was at the same place as me
when I bumped into her by accident
I was very surprised to see
it was she who I had bumped into
I asked her to pardon me
she smiled and gave me a free gift
I must be watching to much TV

Ophra asked me to go to see her show
said she would get me a front row seat
I wanted to but had places to go
but her offer was kind'a neat
it was a very busy day for me
I thanked her and told her she was sweet
then I made my way out the door
back outside to the street

Then I dreamt I met Barbara Walters
I was a guest on her show The View
we talked about my Computer Art
and some of the other things I do
she asked me to go to lunch with her
suggested the bill be picked up by me
so I agreed with one thing in mind
I must be watching too much TV

The place she took me to was fancy
there were big shots everywhere
many were all dressed up to kill
but we didn't really care
we had some wine and talked awhile
before too long it was time to go
I told her our time together was wonderful
she said "yes I know"

Then after lunch with Barbara Walters
I bumped into Kelly Ripper
she was up on a stage somewhere
dancing just like a stripper
I had to see more so I made my way
right up to the front so I could see
then some thing hit me suddenly
I must be watching too much TV

I could of sworn saw Walter Cronkite
he was standing right behind me
said " I'm here to warn you that
you're watching too much TV"
I told him that I knew I was
but I had nothing else to do
lately I've been having some wild dreams
the above are just a few...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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