I Dreamt I Met Katherine Hepburn
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I dreamt I met Katherine Hepburn
she and I went out on the town
we had a really fun time together
each of us acting the clown
the dim cafe light shined very bright
on the hues of her curly red hair
we drank and ate till the wee hours
both of us had so much to share

We talked about her movies
and her sordid love affairs
she told me tales and stories
that could curl your hairs
I told her of my adventures
even showed her some of my Art
it didn't take long at all
Katherine found a place in my heart

She's intelligent and classy
witty and pretty too
a little bit of a Tom Boy
always willing to try something new
we laughed and joked like simple folk
time passed us by quickly
then she said "are you ready for bed"
I couldn't believe she said that to me

It was dawn we got to her estate
just outside Philadelphia USA
after chit chat and a strong night cap
she asked me if I wanted to stay
I smiled when she gave me that look
somehow she could see right through
her bedroom eyes came as no surprise
I knew exactly what she wanted to do

A swim in the pool a soak in the hot tub
a hot shower and then an oil bath
we drank a bit more chilled champagne
in her very special crystal glass
a continental breakfast for two
as birds sang in the morning sun
I wasn't sure what we'd do the rest of the day
but knew what ever it'd be it'd be fun

I dreamt I met Katherine Hepburn
she and I went out on the town
then we went back to her place
she asked me to hang around
a dream come true I'm telling you
I've loved her since I was a boy
to meet her like this and share such bliss
brought us both a lot of joy...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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