I Dreamt I Met Dianne Sawyer
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I dreamt I met Dianne Sawyer
you know that woman on TV
she was in some fancy cafe
just happened to bump into me
we stood there and talked for awhile
then I asked her to sit with me
she said ok and for the rest'a the day
we talked about things we'd like to see

I told her I was an artist
she told me she already knew
went on to say she goes once a month
to my web site to see what's new
our food came and we ate slowly
drank wine she ordered chilled
everything was going so perfect
my sad broken heart was thrilled

She asked me back to her dressing room
I told her I couldn't stay
she asked me to tell her about myself
while in a bubble bath she did lay
I told her I was very sick
she said she wanted to help me
got out of the tub and gave me a rub
then pulled down my zipper and got on one knee

Next thing I knew we were making love
all tangled in a lovers knot
then something happened to end the dream
but now what it was I forgot
it all seemed way so real too me
I guess I'm watching too much TV
dreaming about a talk show host
is not all that wonderful to me

I dreamt I met Dianne Sawyer
lately I've been having some real strange dreams
I have a real good time in all of them
but don't know what any of them means
maybe it's something I ate or drank
I guess I'll never know
who among us can control our dreams
if you know how to then please let me know...

©2005 Jim Nasium

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