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Silence fills the room tonight
when ever I stop typing
it seems that's all I do anymore
what a pit I've fallen in
my muse is hyper active
she won't let me alone
she tells me it's ok to stay
in my chair, at my computer, at home
no need to work or eat or sleep
there is only time to create
and if I haven't made my point
check the time of day, you'll see it is late
and my muse she doesn't speak much
but she inspires me all day long
I don't know how much longer
like this, I can go on...

Silence fill the room tonight
when there is no sound of the keys
tap tap taping away
writing words, to you, like these
that are trying to say I miss you
and want you to be near
and that I want to kiss you
I can only hope that you still care
the silence here is killing me
it hurts to be this alone
and so I reach over my keyboard
and go to pick up the phone
but silence fill the room so loud
I need to make some noise
so I just sit here at my computer
playing with my favorite toys
©2000 Jim Nasium

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