You'll Be Ready For Anything Then
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

She was a maid and cleaning lady
brought up in the bad side of town
he was happy to get a little work
where ever work could be found
they lived in two rooms on top of a bar
that sometimes during the day
actually made a little money
serving food, doubling as a cafe

She took the bus almost every day
in the cold, the rain or snow
to the rich side of town to clean houses
they paid better there so that's where she'd go
she really needed the money
to help to pay the bills
cleaning houses for a living she thought
was much better than working in the mills

He worked just as long as he could
every day that work could be found
all the local contractors knew of him
and agreed he was one'a the best around
he really knew his concrete work
and loved the work he could do
but work was scarce and money tight
sometimes he just didn't know what to do

They had a little baby boy
their son was their whole life
they both loved him very much
she was happy being a mother and wife
he was a very proud father
thy both worked hard every day that they could
they tried to raise their son up properly
the way that good parents should

The baby boy is an old man now
in fact he's a father him self
his son is very much like him
and wants to inherit the wealth
of memories and secrets that are handed down
through the family over the years
the happy times and the sad ones too
the laughter and all of the tears

They would both be proud of him
if they could see their baby boy now
he's raising his own baby boy up
they only way he knows how
being honest and very productive
work each day just as hard as you can
always plan ahead for the future
you'll be ready for anything then...sign my guestbook please

©2001 Jim Nasium
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