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Mothers Day
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I Don't Like
Waiting For Me
It's Not A Very Nice Place
In The Bad Part Of Town
A Few Of My Friends
I Don't Want To Go Outside
So Plain To See
Woman With Bed Room Eyes
The Truth
Till I Swallow My Pride
We'll Only Ever Be Friends
The Alley
The poem I wrote for the GymArt you see here
Won't You Come To Me Tonight
Something I Just Don't Know
Find Myself Something To Do

Won't You Come To Me Tonight

won't you come to me tonight
to my cabin in the woods
we'll light ourselves a fire
and do the things we should
to make sure we are safe and warm
then we'll cook and eat a meal
we'll sip wine by the fire
until were sure of what we feel
we'll lay on the bear skin rug
and pet and talk for awhile
I'll say something funny to you
just to make you smile
the heat from the fire will warm us
so we'll take off all of our clothes
I'll kiss you on your neck
your lips, eyes and nose
then slowly we'll become as one
and do what lovers will
won't you come to me tonight
and give my heart a thrill
let me show you who I am
and try to get to know you too
if you'll come to me tonight
you'll make my dream come true
2000 Jim Nasium

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The poem I wrote for the GymArt you see here

Now where am I
I don't know this place
no one else is here with me
so I move at a rather slow pace
I see a light in the distance
it seems to call to me
I start to make my way to it
but I can't even see
the things that are around me
strange things here in this place
I know I got to move alone
and hurry up my pace
the light is growing dimmer
and now it's harder to see
I wondeer what I'm doing here
who played this tirck on me
2000 Jim Nasium

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Waiting For Me

I was walking in the park
I just needed to get away
it was late and getting dark
the dusk of day

I saw her over there
leaning on a tree
she started waving
and called out to me

I heard her siren song
what could I do
I followed my curiosity
wouldn't you

she was cute as could be
and had a beautiful smile
that melted my heart
there was no denial

yes I wanted her
right from the start
but when she spoke
my dream fell apart

I looked in her eyes
they were blue as could be
but no one was home
she had nothing to say to me

to keep my attention
to stimulate my mind
she was an airhead
a smart woman's so hard to find

especially late at night
standing near a tree
in a park
waiting for me
2000 Jim Nasium

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I Don't Like

I don't like the way she looks
when she goes out of town
she say's she doing something else
but I know she running around
days go by and I don't hear from her
and I worry a bit too
but no matter how I feel about her
I know our time is through

I don't like the way she looks
when she looked me in the eye
there was so much anger in her face
she made me want to cry
when I think of all the time we spent
tangled up in a lovers knot
but no matter how I feel about her
it's best if I just let her memory rot

I don't like the way she looks
I hate her cooking too
in fact there's not much I like about her
and I know what I have to do
I have to just forget her
and let her go on her way
I never want to see her again
where ever she is, I hope she will stay
2000 Jim Nasium

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A Few Of My Friends

Catherine is a Chinese woman I know
and her feet and hands are so tiny
she smiles with so much love in her heart
and she loves to wait on me
she will bathe me when I go there
and she'll suck me till I almost explode
then she allows me my way with her
as I get into my dog mode
she has this book of special tricks
kama sutra I think she said
and well she is a lovely friend...
I like playing in her bed

Then there is Amanda
her hair as blond as can be
it's even blond down around
that special place where she pees
she likes it when I tie her
and smack her on her ass
the lady is very beautiful
and she has a lot of class
she always wear stockings and garters
and spiked high heels for me
Amanda is another friend of mine
she makes me very happy

Lucy is another friend
she lives not too far away
and sometime very late at night
she calls, and invites me to play
the games that lovers often play
when they are behind a locked door
then she asks me for money
yes Lucy is a whore

Of course there is my favorite
her name I can not speak
cause if I do she will read this
and I won't be allowed there for a week
and I really like to go there
she treats me like a king
when ever I think about her
my sad broken heart will sing...

At night I dream of another
who lives so far away
one I used to call my own
but that was in my yesterday
I still recall the way that she
would moan and call out my name
the memory of the one I dream about
is driving me insane....
2000 Jim Nasium

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It's Not A Very Nice Place

Two Rooms and a tiny bathroom
some throw rugs on the floor
a little kitchen table and some chairs
one of them against the front door
a hot plate and small ice box
some pots and pans and things
the sinks are all very dirty
the tub got a dirty brown ring
a mattress thrown down on the floor
some plastic for bed sheets
and cardboard nailed over the windows
so you can't see what goes on in the streets
a small radio is playing
one'a them oldies stations, ya know
this isn't a very nice place
but it's a place I sometimes go

Two rooms with a small bathroom
that is over on one side
it's a nice place when ya got a whole lot
at least in there you can hide
and there's a sink with running water
and the floor may not be clean
but when you're here let me make it clear
it's better to hide, ya know what I mean
cause if the other people nodding
there against the wall
saw exactly what I had
they'd try to take it all
that's just the way it's goes
when I do come here
no it's not a very nice place
let me make that clear
2000 Jim Nasium

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In The Bad Part Of Town

I grew up around here
in fact on this very street
and I know all the folks each day
that I bump into and when we meet
we always stop and say hello
how ya doing, and how are the kids
every one seems so old to me now
20 years ago they were all selling lids
out there on the corner
that place is jumping still
you get anything ya want down there
and I guess you always will
I know the young boys on the corner
I know their moms and their dad
if only their parents could see them now
I know they'd be so sad
after all they watched me come up
as I watched them go down
it's funny but I still live here
in the bad part of town
2000 Jim Nasium

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So Plain To See

Dear Jim is what she said to me
in my heart I knew we were through
and no matter what she said to me
I knew what she was up to
she's going way to see her kid's
that's what she told me
but if that's all she was going to do
would she be this very happy?
I know where she is going
and I know what she is going to do> any wonder I sit and write poems
about felling this alone and blue
she'll come back maybe in one week
and then that fateful day
is when I am going to tell her
she should have stayed away
I do not trust her any more
she has lied to much to me
I can not live this way anymore
I think it better to be alone, and free
and no I will not go to
see her when she leave
I will not wave good bye to her
I will not cry or grieve
but I think it so very funny
that she thinks she has fooled me
when what she plans to really do
is written on her face, so plane to see

2000 Jim Nasium

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This Is A Very Sad Day

I hadn't planned it to be like this
when I lost my heart
but now I know it's too late
I have been lost from the start
since the first time I saw you
standing in the park
till just a few moments ago
when I held you in the dark

I know that I have found
the one woman for me
I want us to live together
and to always be
together forever
sharing our life
but when I said no to you
and refused you as my wife

you cried and just rolled over
I don't think you understand
that we can be together
we don't need a ring on our hand
there is no need for marriage
it would only tear us apart
why can't we just be together
and be married in our heart

you need more than I can give you
you always want too much
things can't always go as you want
you know I will miss your touch
I know that with the dawn
you'll pack and go away
and that you will be gone
this is a very sad day
2000 Jim Nasium

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Something I Just Don't Know

I went into the bad part of town
it was just the other day
and there were some young boys
who would not get out of my way
they asked me who I thought I was
to come to this side of town
and if I didn't turn and leave
they said they'd beat me down

I grew up around here
in fact on this very street
I know all the folks that you use each day
I know folks you only wish you could meet
is what I said to them
as I reached for my gun
I told them to get out of my way
to turn around and run

some old head on the corner
started laughing and said to me
how's it going Jim my man
I see you're crazy as ya used to be
where ya been it's been a long time
since I have seen your face
what the hell ya doing
back here in this place

I told him life for me was fucked
and that I just can't win
I try and try so freaking hard
sometimes I think it's a sin
to work as hard as I have
and to have as little as I do that I wanted a 20 or two

the young boys never came back
as I stood there against the wall
waiting for my friend to return
he has my money, I gave it all
he said he'd only be a moment
but that was half hour ago
exactly what I am doing here
is something I just don't know
2000 Jim Nasium

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Woman With Bed Room Eyes

She walked up to him at an art show
she asked him to tell her his name
she said she loved his art work
but he could see right through her game

she asked if he'd like a coffee
and maybe just sit and talk
he said ok but only if later we
could take a little walk

they walked the park hand in hand
sipping coffee as they went
she was out of tricks and pick up lines
all her best stuff was spent

it was time for him to take over
and so her asked to see her again
he said he thought that she and he
could be the best of friends

time passed , and they got together one day
it was the spring, so they met by dock
they sat at a rather large table
on the edge, over by the clock

she knew that she wanted him
he wanted her for a lover too
the time had come for them to admit it
and so he told her what he wanted to do

I want to paint you he said to her
as your river flows
and when I am done my work
and my manhood grows

I want to make love to you
after I f**k you first
when I am done you will say
I was the very best, and the worst

because I will be nice to you
and then I will be mean
I will make you moan with delight
and I will make you scream

I'll go from hole to hole on you
and then when I am done
I'll make you suck my manhood clean
until again I cum

you won't be able to stand up
you'll not be able to walk
so lets get together again real soon
next time, there will be no need to talk

A smile came across her face
she was as happy as could be
she found her way into the heart
of the old tired hippie

little did she know his heart is broken
it's cold, and it's black
and that he may be an artist
but the art of loving, is something he lacks
their time to meet is soon
and they will sing and play all day
and at night by the light of the moon

the artist will keep on painting
the woman with the bed room eyes will change her life
after she spends too many years
trying to become his wife

she met him at the art show
he had some work on display
and nothing has been the same for him
ever since that day
2000 Jim Nasium

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Mothers Day

Who is this woman I am talking to
she makes no sense to me
she's not as strong or active
as she used to be
she sits a lot each day now
in her favorite chair
the little things that bothered her
no longer seem to care
she talks when she's not spoken to
to someone I can't see
I wonder who is this woman
can someone please tell me
I no longer know this woman
that's been around me so very long
she was once young and able
and she was beautiful, and strong
she'd tuck me in my bed at night
when it was dark, and late
she would cook me the best food
that I have ever ate
but now when I look at this woman
I find myself getting sad
she is not the same woman
and that makes me mad
this woman is my mother
she's very old you know
and when I look into her eyes
I wonder where did the years go
the years that she held me
the years she sang to me
the years she chased me around the yard
as happy as can be
but now when I talk to her
she don't even know my name
to see my mother like this
is driving me insane
and so I sit and write a poem
a poem that is just for you
all I really want to say mom
is Happy Mothers Day and I love you...
2000 Jim Nasium

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Till I Swallow My Pride

The sun's just too hot today
I don't want to go outside
it's cool and shady in this room
so here is where I'll hide

I don't want to be in my car
even though I've got AC
don't need to take one more ride
inside is the best place for me

it's quiet and so peaceful
there is no outside noise
I am alone but it's ok
I get to use my toys

soon a world of my own appears
a place not of this earth
no one can touch me when I'm here
have you any idea what this is worth

I mean the price of freedom
and what it cost me every day
it cost me my one true love
but maybe it is better this way

at least I come and go as I want
and no one can tell me
what I can do or where I can go
and what I can watch on TV

I do what ever I want to do
whenever the spirit moves me
so if I want to stay inside
then that is what will be

the sun is just too hot today
I don't want to go outside
I guess this is the way it will be
till the day I swallow my pride
2000 Jim Nasium

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The Truth

No one understands me
or anything I do
no one knows much about me
cause I don't want them to
I may seem a little different
I may look a bit strange
but deep inside my friend
you and I are both the same

No one understands me
they wonder when I pass by
is that guy really sober
or is he actually high
no one could be that happy
he's always as happy as can be
no one knows the truth about me
but it's The Truth that set me free

No one understands that
these are the last days
we as a race can't go on
living in a daze
just open up your eyes my friend
and take a look around
it's very plain to see
just what is going down

No one understands me
when I say I have been set free
and that The Holy Father
has forgiven me
they laugh when I suffer
cause they have no idea at all
it's not gonna be too long
before He put's an end to it all

No one understands me
they think that I am insane
because I don't do what I used to do
and sometimes I walk in the rain
but me I know that I'm ok
I have His spirit inside of me
he has come with The Truth
and The Truth has set me free
2000 Jim Nasium

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I Don't Want To Go Outside

I don't want to go out side today
but I have so much to do
I need to get a post office box
and send that address to you
so you can send the stuff you bought
to me right away
I have so much to do
but don't want to go outside today

I don't want to go outside today
after all it's way too hot
I just want to stay inside
I am happy with what I got
I don't need any more money
I don't want to work any more
I just want to stay inside today
alone, with a 100 dollar whore

I don't want to go out at all
I will forever stay in this room
I have no desire to be outside
fate has sealed my doom
I'll hide under my bed covers
close the curtains and turn off the light
I don't want to see day any more
all I want is the night

I don't want to go outside again

I am safe, alone right here
no one can hurt, or lie to me
let me make this clear
I have lost my faith in man
each and every one
I just want to stay inside
I can make my own fun

2000 Jim Nasium

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We'll Only Ever Be Friends

I have a friend that's beautiful
and she knows it too
she's fun to be with all the time
and there's nothing she won't do
she always dresses up so nice
when we go out on the town
the girl knows exactly what she wants
she don't mess around
they say her trade is trading
she takes from one and passes it on
making her commission
and singing her siren song
she's beautiful and she knows it
so she uses her beauty as a tool
she pushes her way through business deals
but always remembers the golden rule
"never put your heart below your belt"
is what she said to me
that night we walked along the beach
of the Caribbean Sea
the tropical breeze that cooled us
also made us hot
we only spent a few days together
but man, did we f*ck a lot
She is so very beautiful
she's a living goddess to me
and if you saw her photo
I know that you'd agree
a beauty like hers is rare they say
but now somehow, she is in my life
but we will only ever be friends
she wants no husband, I want no wife
we play a game with each other
she tries to catch me in her traps
she wants to find her way into my heart
but to my heart, there are no maps
I try to get her to understand
that deep inside, we both want the same thing
she don't want to be one man's queen
I don't want to be one lady's king
2000 Jim Nasium

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The Alley

the alley was dark and wet
when he decided to walk on down
to the garage on the left
he tried not to make a sound
he knocked the secret knock that
was given to just a few
they let him in this den of sin
to do what he wanted to d

the floor was bare and dirty
the walls all torn and stained
everyone in this room
was blown out'a their brain
the smoke was thick and sweet
some were on the floor bugging around
but he paid no attention to any of them
cause he came here to get down

he took the little spoon that he
always carried with him
and heated up some water
getting ready to commit the sin
of shameless self-indulgence
why's it wrong to feel so damn good
he turned his back and cut no slack
he did the whole big bag, like he should

slowly slipping into a dream
a warm blanket of slam ran around
his spirit that was drifting off
he could not hear a sound
someone looked him in the eye
and offered him a kind word
he closed his eyes and drifted off
not a sound to be heard

the alley was bright and dry now
when he decided to leave that place
so many others had come and gone
it was really a freakin' disgrace
he knows what he must do for him
to feel the way he likes
too bad it has to be in a shooting gallery with
crack heads, junkie's, faggots and dykes
2000 Jim Nasium

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Find Myself Something To Do

When I do go out
every now and then
I always head down to the little cafe
on the corner of Main and Line

The cafe is a bit dark inside
but I can see in there very well
I know all the people who go there
I know why they all go there too

The bar is always busy
and the tables are mostly all full
a few couples are dancing to the loud music
but the real action is in the back bathroom

The smell in the back bathroom is sweet
it's crowded and the smoke is thick
there's junkies nodding in the corner
crack heads bugging on the floor

Anything you want or need is there
in the back bathroom of the little cafe
on the corner of Main and Line not far from here
and if you have the money, it can be yours

When I do go out every now and then
I am sure to have plenty of money with me
and always head down to the little cafe on the corner
and find myself something to do...

2000 Jim Nasium

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