I'm Just That Kind Of Man
Art And Poetry by Jim Nasium

She came to me some time ago
and tried to change my life
she told me tales of being in love
that she wanted to be my wife
but sometimes when you're alone too long
you tend to get a little strange
and very set in your ways
ya don't really want to change

She set her self up in a home
on the island just up the street
I'm glad that she lives close to me
because she's very sweet
she cooks and bakes all the time
she writes a lot of poetry too
she keeps her self very busy
there is so much she likes to do

She paints and draws the hours away
she'll stipple through the night
I go to her to spend some time
but we always seem to fight
she wants me to treat her
as if she were a queen
she wants more than I can give
it's enough to make me scream

I miss her when she's far away
off on a business trip
thoughts of her and all she can do
into my daily life slip
then when she comes back to town
I can't wait for her to go
I have no idea why this is
but it is that's all I know

When ever I am with her
I don't really want to be there
when she is far away from me
is when I seem to care
and want her more than anything
I just don't understand
perhaps I'm better off alone
I'm just that kind of man
©2001 Jim Nasium

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