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My Ecuador
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My Heart
The Dancing Stone
She Said
No Way To Live
Twin Sisters
I Lost The Desire
What Will I Do
no other place to go
My Heart Dances
My Heart Dances 2
The Tease
The poem I wrote for the GymArt you see here
Now That I Have Changed My Ways
From The Moment She Walked In The Door

The poem I wrote for the GymArt you see here

My time is behind me
the future is all gone
I've been walking all day
since early dawn
trying to find a little more
time, just for me
I've walk myself into a strange place
this is not where I want to be

My time is all behind me
the future ain't looking too good
I need to find a little more time
I only wish I could
get myself out of here
this strange and timeless place
I need to find my soul a home
and disappear with out a trace
2000 Jim Nasium

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My Heart

My heart was torn and tattered
you took the pieces and lay them on your lap
you told me you'd stictch them together
so I laid down and took a nap
I woke when the sun was setting
and saw you sitting by my side
my heart had been put back together
and the joy of it all made me cry
you took me into your arms
and held me very tight
we kissed our first kiss
and then made love all night
we feel asleep in each others arms
they way that lovers do
I had a whole heart again
all because of you
but then a few days later
you started singing your siren song
I had no choice as to what to do
and so, it is best that I am gone...
my heart is no longer together
since leaving you it has fallen apart
but by now I have grown used to it
and maybe again some day can start
to find a way to trust in love
and believe what I see and hear
but never the less I want you to know
sometime I still wish I were there
2000 Jim Nasium

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The First Time

The warmth from you beside me
laying here in my water bed
waiting for you to do
all the things you said
that we would do when ever
we found our selves alone
well here we are my lady
together all alone in my home

The thrill of you beside me
laying in my bed
makes me think of many things
ideas pop into my head
but you I can see are a lady
and so I take my time
to force myself on you
would be nothing less than a crime

The way you cuddle up to me
slowly and carefully
I know you want me badly
that much is plain to see
but since this is our first time
I don't know what you want me to do
I want to treat you like a lady
but there's so much I want to do to you too

The way you look me in the eye
and tell me this is a dream come true
and that you have been waiting for me
to do what ever I want to do
so I kiss you gently
then say "I want you too"
slowly I slip inside your soul
and now my dream comes true

The way you open up to me
and let you love juice flow
this is going to be the best ever
that much I already know
your pull me even closer
and wrap your legs around my head
I start to move much faster
with the motion of the water bed

The way you moan and whisper my name
when were tangled in a lover knot
makes me want this forever
I want to keep what we got
and so I take my time with you
as the night hours pass
dawns light comes through the window
and we fall asleep at last

The way you say you love me
even when I know it isn't true
come on I mean after all
I don't even know you
we both know why you came here
we both got what we need
you're sleeping in my arms now
content to hold my seed

The warmth from you beside me
laying here in my water bed
thinking about all we did
and all that you said
I wonder where you came from
and why you want to be my wife
I wonder why I am so afraid
to ask you to share my life
2000 Jim Nasium

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No Way to Live

She wanted more from me than I could give
she didn't like the way I live
she said my hair was way too long
and that I did it all wrong
she treated me like an object
driving me backwards, a pain in my neck
crimped my style, wouldn't let me create
she slept all day and kept me up late
wanted me to relate to her the way I feel
she must of thought what we had was real
found it hard to understand I wouldn't change
too set in my ways now to rearrange
the way that I live my life
I have no need of a wife
all she ever wanted was more
all I needed was a whore
she wanted more from me than I could give
and that's no way to live
2000 Jim Nasium

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The Dancing Stone

she wanted to be a dancer
she would try to dance all day long
she wanted to join a dance club
and travel with them when they're gone
off to do a stage show
in some far away town
only problem was you see
she just could not get down

she wanted to be a dancer
but she could not dance at all
and when she tried to stand on her toes
every time she would fall
she only had the desire
the talent could not be found
but then one day while walking away
a dancing stone she found

she put the stone in her pocket
and her feet just started to move
soon she got the hang of it
and fell into a groove
she did the hully gully
and the lombata too
there was no dance she couldn't do

she dance away the day and night
her feet would not stay still
she started growing tired
she really had her fill
then she remember that little stone
she found the other day
she decided it was a dancing stone
so she threw it away

she stopped her insane dancing
control over her feet came back to her
she was tired and very dizzy
and every thing was a blur
so when she tried to find the stone
to save for when next she wanted to dance
she couldn't find it anywhere
it seems she blew her one chance

she searched and searched forever
for the stone that made her dance
and while she looked for the dancing stone
she looked for the stone for romance
the days and nights just passed her by
while she searched in vain
all she wanted was them magic stones
her search was driving her insane
2000 Jim Nasium

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She Said

She said she wants to meet with me
when on this side of the sea
I'd really like to belive her
but she said this before to me
I waited for what seemed like forever
for her to land on my shore
but she's been here and gone already
she never knocked on my door
I wonder if I'll hear from her again
or if I will ever get to meet
the lovely Irish Lady Victoria
who's so beauitful and sweet
2000 Jim Nasium

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I Lost The Desire

I can't write poetry anymore
the words won't come to me
it seems I have been left museless
things are not as they used to be

words don't want to come to me
no matter how hard I try
I can't seem to write poetry any more
and I don't understand why

my fate is sealed what can I do
but give up and no longer care
I can't write poetry because
I've lost the desire to share

2000 Jim Nasium

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The Dream

I went to sleep early last night
and I had a dream
I dreamt that I was with you
I wonder what can it mean
the dream was very beautiful
together we had so much fun
when I woke I was very sad
because my dream was done

in my dream we walked hand in hand
along some pure white beach
you opened up your heart to me
so that I could reach
deep down inside of you
to a place you keep for your own
and once I got inside your heart
you invited me to your home

we took the time to eat a meal
together very slow
we sat and ate by candle light
where did the evening go
time passed by so quickly
as we sat to eat and talk
then I asked you if ya wanted to
go to the beach for another walk

you stood up at the table
and took me by my hand
you told me to follow you
I didn't understand
until you took me to your bedroom
and said, come on and be with me
we got in bed and made love
the way it's supposed to be

the night was full of passion
the bed was now a mess
you took a quick shower
and put on your summer dress
you said you had to go
and that I was welcome to stay
and that if I was here when you got back
you would have more time to play

I watched you as you left the room
and got into your car
I saw you drive away from the house
I watched you till you were far
away from here then I took a bath
got dressed and went on my way
there was no reason to stay there
cause it was only a dream, anyway

I went to sleep early last night
and I had a dream
I dreamt that I was with you
I wonder what can it mean
could it be my heart
expressing it's one desire my loins have been on fire...
2000 Jim Nasium

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Now That I Have Changed My Ways

Walking the beach at sunset
I saw her standing there
she had taken off all of her clothes
even her underwear
she stood by the waters edge and
she cried out to the setting sun
"how could you go and leave me
now another day of my life is done"
as she spoke these words to
the sun that now was gone
I knew I had to talk to her
but didn't want to approach her wrong
so when the last flicker of red that
had once brightened up the sky
disappeared I called to her
when she turned, I saw a tear in her eye
I asked what was wrong and if
there was anything I could do
she said just sit and talk to me
so I did, till half past two
then she asked me to tell her m
y name and said she liked me a lot
she asked what I was doing here
I told her that I forgot
and that nothing matters anymore
to me, since I met her
then I woke to the rising sun
and every thing was a blur
was this all a dream I had
I dream a lot these days
it's just the way that I spend time
now that I have changed my ways
2000 Jim Nasium

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What Will I Do

It was just the other day I saw her
she was alone walking her dog
it was cold outside and raining
so on the fire, I threw another log
I watched her as she walked by
she didn't seem to mind the rain
she was all bundled up in a plastic bag coat
no wonder some think her insane

ever since I was a young boy
she was always nice to me
so I decided to go to my door
and ask her in for some coffee by now she had to be 80
who knows, I can't be sure
I stood there waiting for her to come in
as I held open the door

she seems to be in good health
but she lost her mind and she knows
that her days are numbered now
but that's just the way it goes
nothing seems to bother her
she is as happy as can be
I like this woman very much
that's why I asked her in for some coffee

we sat and talked for an hour
then her dog had to pee
I helped her with her plastic bag coat
she was very grateful to me
for asking her in out of the rain
and taking time to talk
she said that they would stop by again
sometime, when they took another walk

I shut the door behind them
the fire was getting low
I reached out for another log
how was I to know
that when she crossed the street that day
she got hit by a car
the dog was killed instantly
while she was dragged very far

she is dead now under the car's tire
the plastic stained deep dark red
I wonder why this happen
and I fell sick in my heart and my head
I was the last person that she saw
and I never will forget
the smile on her face when she left my place
and now, I am full of regret

I sit and wonder what if
I never asked her in
but to let her walk out in the rain
to me, was a freaking sin
and so I did what I thought was right
and protected her from the rain
I gave her coffee and conversation
all I have now is pain

I wonder just what I'll do
the next time that I see
a helpless older person
walking down the street near me
I think that I'll ignore them
and just let them alone
and hide away alone all day
safe within my home
2000 Jim Nasium
2000 Jim Nasium

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My Ecuador

I know a place in Ecuador
I go to all the time
it's quiet and safe there
I can relax, there is no crime
the people are all so friendly
they always have nice things to say
I like to spend time in the market place
in the early hours of the day

I walk out to the mountains
I bathe in sulfur springs
I do the best that money can buy
it makes my ears freaking ring
I love this place that I call home
even when I'm not there
I think I'll go to Ecuador
again, sometime this year

The Indians you meet in town
and all along the road
take time to talk and share with you
the pace of life has been slowed
down to a pace I can live with
there I can enjoy my life
far away from the modern world
and the bullshit, and the strife

The beaches offer much adventure
the mountains and jungles too
just sit on down and take a break
do what ever you want to do
the time I have spent living here
has been my greatest thrill I'm telling you
it's time to check out Ecuador
and here's
a 360 degree view
2000 Jim Nasium

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My Heart Dances

For as long as I can remember
I would go to her house
right after school for a few hours each day
till my mother would come there, and take me home
her house was the biggest house I had ever seen
it had a tall metal fence all around it
and a giant metal gate that had a big S on it
that hung from two stone columns

the room I spent the most time in
was the room she called the study
and there were great windows on three of the walls
and a terrace the length of one side of the room
many afternoons I would sit there
and listen to her play the piano to me
and sometimes when her niece was there too
she'd teach us to dance

the hard wood floors of the study
seemed to invite young feet to glide on it
and spin and dance away the hours
till the evening came and it was time to leave
I loved to go there
some days I would sit in the rays of the sun
that came in through the giant windows
and paint with her watercolors or oil

it seems that even then
as a young boy, when I painted
I was a surrealist
and she loved my work
the first oil painting I ever painted
to this day still hangs
over the fireplace in the great room
near the North Hall

For as long as I can remember
I would go to her house
and today I want to go there again
and I think I shall
I always felt safe there
and I need to feel safe again
I need to sit in the rays of the sun
and paint, while my heart dances
2000 Jim Nasium

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no other place to go

she's mad at me one day
in love with me the next
I wonder is she a blessing
or could she be a hex
she's never the same person
that I left early in the morn
when I went on my way to work
it's no wonder I am so torn
and really don't want to go to her
when my day is through
I tell you she's never the same person
and I don't know what to do

I spend my day working hard
out under the hot sun
and when the day is over
I'm just too tired for fun
but she's ready to do something
she wants to go out on the town
all I want to do is eat
take a shower, and lay down
she is never the same person
when I get home from work at night
as the woman I left that morn
all she wants to do, it seems is fight

all day she spends her time doing
thing's I can't understand
and lately she's got me thinking
she may be seeing another man
I mean the way she takes me on
a roller coaster ride love affair
one day she is so care free
the next it's as if she's not there
and she seems to have something to hide
something she can't let me know I feel as if I don't belong
but I have no other place to go

she's glad to see me one day
the next she don't want me around
so I go back to my place
on the other side of town
then I get an e mail saying
something about going away for a few days
I tell you it's all to much for me
her love is like a maze
she always keeps me guessing
and I'm not sure what I'll do
but I know I need a change
it's time for something new
2000 Jim Nasium

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Twin Sisters

Once I knew two sisters
they were twins, it was plain to see
I was very lucky then
because both of them loved me
and all my time was spent working on
trying to figure out who I was with
if you think being with sisters is taboo
I tell you that's all a myth
at night I slept in the middle
of the sisters we'll call fate
I wish I would have know what I had
because there gone now, it's way to late
to tell them that I love them both
and want them both as my wife
together we three forever
could live a very happy life
2000 Jim Nasium

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My Heart Dances 2

There was a time
when the big old house
down the lane from the lake
was the only safe place for me to go
and I was too young to understand why
I felt my best when there
but looking back now
I do understand

There was a woman who lived in that house
a beautiful old woman
who said she traveled the world
singing in theaters
and she sang for me
the songs of her youth
while she danced the same old dance
with grace, and perfection

She taught me things
things about life
that I would have never known
had I never gone there
after school as a boy
and the lessons were all well learnt
and never forgotten
to this day

When I close my eyes
I can still see her
dressed in her finest dress
and all of her jewels
with a hair comb made of ivory
in her long gray hair
and I see a smile on her face
that warms my soul
2000 Jim Nasium

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The Tease

She has that look
in her eye
and if your a guy
it's too late...

she makes you want
her more each day
and promises you the world
but stays away

and the game grows old
and the fun is gone
all I can say
before I move on is

say yes
or no
then come
or go

will you send your heart to me for all to see
what will be
when we

and tease
not today
I have work to do
no time to
play with you
so please
some other time
2000 Jim Nasium

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From The Moment She Walked In The Door

I was sitting at my table in the cafe
when she walked into the room
she turned each and every head
with the scent of her perfume
and the way she walked across the floor
in a dress that was pure silk
her long hair as dark as the Arabian night
her skin as white as milk
her breast were round and firm as could be
her legs were long and sleek
her eyes were dark and they called to me
I felt my self getting weak
I saw her as she watched me
watching her as she walked by
I was so very happy
when she stopped to say "Hi,
aren't you Jim Nasium,
I know all about your work"
I didn't know what to say
and must have sounded like a jerk
when I said "yes that's me"
and "won't you please sit down"
I know I must of looked silly
cause I felt just like a clown
her beauty overwhelmed me
I had never seen such beauty before
I couldn't keep my eyes off her
from the moment she walked through the door

2000 Jim Nasium

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