Famous Vicent's Glass Bottom Boat Tour
A Poem by Jim Nasium

I had heard so much about him
every one said he's a really nice man
they couldn't tell me what he showed them
because they said I wouldn't understand
unless I went to see for myself
so I decided I had to go
but not right away maybe later
in Jamaica things move very slow

When I first met Famous Vincent
I wasn't really sure what to think
after looking over his little boat
I was afraid that maybe we'd sink
but I took a chance any how
let Famous Vincent take me and my son to sea
we went all the way to Sandy Kay
what an amazing place to be

I couldn't do any snorkeling
so I laid back and tried to relax
the rocking of the boat made me sick
and these are just the facts
I wanted to go back to shore
but no one was ready to go back
I realized very quickly that day
sea legs are some thing I lack


My son was like a fish in the water
he never wanted to go back to land
I told him "Dads getting sick"
but he didn't understand
he didn't drink a bottle of wine
with breakfast just an hour ago
he was young and full of fire
there was no way for him to know

Sitting quietly waiting
for my son and Vicente to return
I felt the warmth of the hot sun
and my fair skin started to burn
just then much to my surprise
I saw my son's face in the glass
that was the bottom of Vincent's Boat
and then I watched him swim past

Finally they came aboard
we headed back to land
my son had the time of his life
but told me he didn't understand
why I couldn't snorkel with them
so I said maybe some day
you'll understand when you're my age
and that's all I had to say


I had been to Sandy Kay before
but that was 35 years ago
an old fisherman took me out there
said it was a nice place to go
I swam around the over sized coral
touched fish, saw ells and more
but stepped on a sea urchin
while walking on the sea floor

From what I saw of Sandy Kay
through the glass bottom of Vincent's Boat
Sandy Kay wasn't the same place
now I don't want to gloat
but when I was there let me make it clear
the coral was bigger than today
there were so very many more fish
but them days are gone to stay

The coral reef's not the same to me
as it was many years ago
but it was new to my son
after all how could he know
the reef is just a shadow of what
Sandy Kay once used to be
but never the less I got to confess
I'm glad Famous Vicent took us out to sea

....©2007 Jim Nasium

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