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Today I Touched

Have you any idea what ya feel deep inside
when ya touch a masterpiece...
today I touched The Hands of Rodin
the Hands that were really made by his lover
as I stood before the great masterís best
when I was at the Museum in Philly, with mine
I felt the love that she had for him
and I felt sad for him, that he never knew
I walked over to and stood before some Michaelangelo
I wonder if he knew that some day
I would touch his work
and feel the pain he felt as he sculpted

no one seemed to mind that I was touching the art
no one seemed to care at all
they were happy for me
amazed that I took time to climb over
the red velvet roap that a little sign hanging from it
every one chuckled when I took time to touch the art
everyone but the guards
they saw no humor in my action at all
when the guards asked me to stop fondling the sculpture
for the first three of four times
I took their request with a grain of salt
but then when they told me to stop playing
with the great master's priceless work
for the fourth time, or leave, I knew they were serious

Today I stood before the great masters work
and I just hadda touch them, I had to
I could feel the years and the tears
that went into making each stone masterpiece
I got goose bumps from each that I touched
why werenít more art lovers
fondling these masterpieces like I was?
whats wrong with them?
have they no idea what ya feel deep inside
when ya touch a masterpiece
for me the feeling is one of emotions ya canít hide
and there is this strange sense of pride
that you were the only one in the place
that dare to touch, the untouchable

©97 Jim Nasium
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