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tomorrow is another day
A Poem About A Rainbow
The Whore
Elysium Fields
What Is Best, If Forgot
What Do You Want To Find
You Should Never Trust
She's Insane
I Can Smell The Food
On Line
I Gave Her A Ring
A Trip Thru The Night
Open Up The Doors
In Cyber Space
When He Gets Older
Doll Parts
doing my penance
To Get What I Came Here For
On The Slave Ship

tomorrow is another day

it's better off the way that we
don't really want it to be
I know what she is saying
it's all so plain to see
but now is not the time for
things that are that real
I know that you'll read these words
but that the way I feel

we're better off the way that we
don't really want to be
we don't do good all alone
together we could still be free
if only, but it's too late for I'm sorry
and tomorrow is another day
that I will have to face alone
I know I can, some way

1998 Jim Nasium

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The Whore

the bed was a mess
and so were you
the look on your face
said you were up to
no good in that place
behind the locked door
any wonder I call you
a freaking whore?

I knocked on the back door
he ran out the front
I saw his juices
run from your cunt
you stood there and lied
right to my face
but I know what went on
that night in your place

you didn't expect me
it was a surprise
I wish you could have seen
it all through my eyes
the rugs was all bunched up
and now in my head
I still think about it
and wish myself dead..

it hurt me so badly
it tore me in two
to catch you together
doing what you two do
I'll tell you this one thing
and then tell you no more
I can't help but think of you
as a two bit freaking whore

2000 Jim Nasium

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Elysium Fields

I stand here and I am frightened
again, because I am alone
I am with out my family
my friends, or my home

I stand here completely naked
yet not ashamed at all
no longer old and bent over
I fell young and can stand tall

I see that others are out there
on the horizon of this new plane
I do not know any of them
none of them seem to have a name

I see the others walking
I wonder where do they go
I wonder would they wait for me
and maybe could they show

me what it is that I should do
now that I found myself here
I don't understand what went wrong
none of what happened is very clear

I see that others are out there
on the horizon of this new place
I do not know any of them
none of them have a face

and so I start my journey
alone, in these Elysium Fields
I have no idea where I am going
or what this journey will yield

every thing is so perfect
everything is so pure
I wonder do I belong here
I am not really sure...
1998 Jim Nasium

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What Is Best, If Forgot

I can't spend the rest of my life like this
nor can I accept what you want me to do
the time has come for me to run
and find something new too
my soul need some healing
my spirit an adventure, it's true
my mind needs a break from each mistake
that I have made when with you
it's all too much for me to take
I just don't understand
this isn't what I wanted at all
this isn't what I had planned
but now you stand there painting
and me, I play in the concrete
every thing has turned sour
not so long ago it was all sweet
I just can't spend my life like this
each day now means so much
I can't accept what ya offer me
but I truly miss your touch
I miss the quiet moments
I miss the lover knot's
I sit here torn thinking about
what is best, if forgot

1998 Jim Nasium

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The Paper Stand

Standing near the paper stand
in the pouring rain
the stench from public transportation
is driving me insane

Every where I look,
all I see around
are cars and trucks, and buses,
all wanting to go down town

Why is every one rushing
to be in the same place at the same time
God I hate the city
I must'a been out'a my mind

To have ever come here
no matter what the cost
I will not return real soon
even if business is lost

Standing near the paper stand
in the pouring rain
at least I know this is the last time
I will not be doing this again !
1998 Jim Nasium

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What Do You Want To Find

When I wake in the morning
while I'm at work all day
you're on my mind
and I need to say

that a lot lately
I think about you
and in my head plan
what we can do

when you are near me
here in my home
I want you to know that
you are not alone

I think you're great
and want you to know
you're on my mind
where ever I go

so talk to me please
let me inside
and let's not have secrets
we've nothing to hide

tell me everything
that is on your mind
share your dream
what do YOU want to find...

2000 Jim Nasium

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You Should Never Trust

Flying through the sky tonight
full of hate and desire
I am going to destroy this place
with my strength, and my fire
passing people on the street
none of them talk to me
that's ok I like it like that
and that's the way it must be
for me now as I fly away
to the promised land
I know you have no idea what I mean
I don't want you to understand
no need to try to touch me
please, just stay away
I'll be ok here on my own
and here is where I'll stay
alone watching all of you
do the things you must
let me try to explain your mistake
you should never trust

2000 Jim Nasium

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She's Insane

She's Insane, Sweet And Insane

She hides in the attic, she 's concealed on a shelf
behind volumes of poetry she wrote based on me and her self
no one ever sees her, and no one would understand
that she she is in love with me, me, the man
not what I can do, or what I have done
not just for my money, or just not for the fun
knowing that her love she can not hide
I am sorry, but too proud to swallow my pride
cause she's insane, so sweet and insane

No one seems to understand the things that she will do
and sometimes she does them to me and to you
and when the dust settles and she is through
I wish that I could but I can't tell you
about all the things she will do
about the many times she has made me feel blue
and the plans she has for my future too
I don't want any more of this
I must find something new
she's insane... sweet and insane

But she is the one and only for this man
sometimes I must admit that I like her plan
for the future and all the things that she wants to do
maybe I made a mistake, I don't want it to be through
tell me, now, what can I say
when it was just only yesterday
that she packed up her car and moved away
now I am alone, with nothing much more to say but
she's insane, so sweet and insane
1998 Jim Nasium

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I Can Smell The Food

I can smell the food, it's cooking
down in the kitchen below
this room that I hang out in
it's a special place I go
up here I got my computer
and I can be all alone
and if I want I lock the door
and turn off the telephone

I can smell the food it's cooking
tonight Ma is cooking for me
the whole house smells like food
it's as yummy as it can be
and what ever it is Ma is making
I know it is gonna be good
I hope she make my favorite dish
I really wish she would

I can smell the food it's cooking
down in the kitchen below
and ya know I am so hungry
that I just gott'a go
down and see what she made for me
I know it will be a treat
and for desert I can only hope
she will have something very sweet

2000 Jim Nasium

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In Cyber Space

Sometimes especially in Cyber Space
people are not what they say
they like to pretend they are some one else
and play their games each day
they lead you on and tell you
everything you want to hear
but I know they are only playing games
let's make that perfectly clear

Sometimes, especially in Cyber Space
ya run across some one
that you enjoy writing to
and ya always have some fun
when you are together
man and woman making plans
then ya find out that she was a he
and ya hold you head in your hands

Sometimes especially in Cyber Space
ya waste a lot of time
ya try your best to share with others
when ya write some new rhyme
but what's any of it really mean
who are these people any way
don't they even have a life
why are they on line every day

Sometimes, but mostly in Cyber Space
I feel lost and so alone
no one really understands
that I sit here all alone
searching ever searching
for that one special friend
I guess my fate is to search
till my time comes to an end

2000 Jim Nasium

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I Gave Her A Ring

I gave her a ring
after three years with me
she started to cry
and said yes she would be
my wife, we made plans to marry
after all a baby was on the way
for me it was the end
for her it was a very happy day

I gave her a ring
it cost way too much
then she needed ear rings
pocket books and such
shoes to match
her brand new coat
she spent all my money
that got my goat

I gave her a ring
when she said she loved me
I didn't care about the cost
as long as she was happy
it looked good on her finger
it glittered real bright
she paid me back for it
each and every night

I gave her a ring
it's now in the pawn shop
I'm gonna sell all'a her stuff
I ain't gona stop
this is all I can do
for what she did to me
I gave her a ring
and then sold it, you see

I gave her a ring
when I didn't really know
what she was about
that it was all a big show
she said she loved me
but that was a lie
I gave her a ring
now I wonder why...

2000 Jim Nasium

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A Trip Thru The Night

I took a trip thru the night
Just to get here, to be with you
Dusty narrow roads
Paved with pot holes winding through
Andean mountain peaks
Needing to be crossed

Rivers below bamboo bridges
seem to call to me
Waiting, wanting me to join them
Black waters run near by
None for the dust, none for me...

I wrap your silken scarf 'round my face
In a back seat windowless bus
I gotta get out'a here
Away from all'a this white dust
Yes, I know I must...
Find something new to do
That's why I took a trip thru the night
Just to get here
To be with you..

We sat there and smoked
for three days one night
Under the Andean moonlight
The now cooked-up white dust
What'a site we were that night
Our bellies were empty, we didn't feel at all right
We decided there was only one thing to do
So we packed up our bags
Got on a bus, went south, to Peru
The Year was 1974
I can't remember much more...

1998 Jim Nasium

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Open Up The Doors

Are you near the ocean
can you see the sea
would you go for a walk
on the beach with me
maybe early, like at sunrise
the promise of a new day
all around us as we walk
watching sea gulls play
then again late in the evening
round about sunset time
we could walk for ever
together, making rhyme
and dreaming dreams of lovers
all the things that lovers can do
will you walk the beach with me
I'd really like you to

Are you near the ocean
are you near the sea
would you like to take a walk
into the future with me
I have no idea what's out there
no idea or plans at all
all I know is what I felt
when I looked in your eyes, I took a fall
my heart started beating faster
my breath wouldn't come to me
I got this feeling in my bones
a voice spoke, "she is your desnity"
your siren song calls out to me
so I crashed upon your shores
will you take a walk with me
and open up the doors...

2000 Jim Nasium

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The Phone

I come home from work each day
just about the same time
and what I see when I do
always blows my mind...
you are still in your bathrobe
fuzzy pink slippers too
the curlers that are in your hair
should have been out long ago, just like you
the babies in her high chair
she's crying all the time
the food that was left on the stove
is burnt... it's a crime
you have that phone up to one ear
it's the same thing all the time
and I when I say, "how are you dear
you look at me like I was slime
I can't believe that you spend all day long
on the phone with a friend....
I just can't take it no more
this has got to end

1998 Jim Nasium

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When I close my eyes at night
or any time of day
I can always see Him
He is there to guide my way
some where deep inside of me
I can feel Him too
I know that He is watching
every little thing that I do

I wonder why He allows me
to make these silly mistakes
after all He is the man who made
the trees, the mountains and the lakes
He lets me do my own thing
and hopes my thing will be His own
He allows me to make decisions
in my life, about the home

The home that He offers me
when my time here is through
he is always watching me
and He is watching you too
yes, when I close my eyes at night
or any time of day
I can see His face
He helps me, along my way

2000 Jim Nasium

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When He Gets Older

She called me for the first time tonight
in such a very long time
she said "hello, how are you,
ya know, you've been on my mind"

I wonder what she wanted
I had no more money to give
then our son got on the phone
wanted to know why I live

so very far away from them
clear across the states
I told him it's a long story and
that telling it would have to wait

maybe some day when he is older
I will sit him near to me
and then I will tell him the story
of how it used to be

between me and his mother
the woman with fire for hair
it warms my heart to know that they
wish that I was there
1998 Jim Nasium

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Doll Parts

I feel like I am doll parts
my arms and legs thrown to the side
of my head laying far from my body
ripped apart by your own hand
I wait for you to put me back together
like only you can and
and I miss you too

1998 Jim Nasium

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doing my penance

I ate guinea pig in Ecuador
on a bed of rice
and the eyes of a sheep, in Asia
they tasted pretty nice
I tasted monkey brains
and ate some spiders too
and a kangaroos tail
but please let me continue, won't you

I ate all kinds of things in my life
and then one day I met you
and ever since I have eaten your bull shit
but I tell you them days are through
I'm no longer hungry
my belly is very full
I have had all I can take
and that my friend ain't no bull

I no longer look for
the rare and the exotic in life
I ain't even looking to settle down
and get myself a wife
and a small little cottage
with a white picket fence
I am just happy to be alone
doing my penance

1999 Jim Nasium

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To Get What I Came Here For

There's plywood over the windows
and an old bare, wooden floor
the walls are falling apart
but there is a new thick metal door
she stand there and she watches
those who come and go
first sign of any trouble
she lets everyone inside know
to escape down to the basement
through the hole in the wall
and to move back the book case
and turn the lock and all
this place is very dangerous
yet it can be so much fun
they all still remember me there
after all I was the one
that brought the plywood to them
I took it there in my truck
and traded it for other things
I've always had good luck
when ever I went there
no matter what time of night, or day
but when I drove by, first time in so long
I didn't know what to say
when I saw the place had burnt down
no one lived there any more
and now I wondered where I would go
to get what I came here for

2000 Jim Nasium

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On The Slave Ship

on the slave ship
The chains and shackles that bind me
here in the cargo hold
of the white mans ship who took me
from my land, and my family to be sold
in some place they call America
far across the sea
can never break my spirit
they can only hold my body

The whips and sticks they beat me with
can cut and bruise me too
they think if they beat me
I will do what they want me to
but what they don't know them whities
is I am and will always be me
cause I know and love my God
and it is He who makes me fell free

They feed me very little
what I get I give to my wife
some of them tried to rape her
when she fought them, they stuck her with a knife
my youngest brother Niombi
died just the other day
they dumped his body over board
and just sailed away
towards the land they call America
so I can work for some whitie
I can not understand what I did
to have this happen to me

I was just minding my own business
working out in my field
when they attacked my village
and took me, and the others here
abord this giant wooden ship
with sails as big as can be
to catch the wind to get us there
far across the sea
to some place call America
they call it the land of the free
it may be that for whitie
but it's not that for me

So now my fate is sealed
as I sit chained in this cargo hold
sailing towards America
waithing to be sold
dirty and half naked
hungry as I could be
I pray to God that someday
my body will be set free
after all I did nothing at all
to have this happen to me

1998 Jim Nasium

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