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Last Night
I'd Wait For The Bus
doing my penance
Rumor Has It
she painted her walls with rainbows
The Silence Is Broken
they say she is a dancer
doll parts
She's Insane
Cast Upon Her Island
On Line
to tie the wind in a knot
A Trip Thru The Night
Anita Fix
How I Got My Name
Country Music
The Train
When He Gets Older
dick taters
Ten Again

Last Night

Last Night
a fog rolled in
and the dampness crept
in through my open window

my tired old bones ached
from the moisture
that found it's way into my skin

no, not the fog
the moisture came from my eyes
the tears that fell on to my chest
and made their way to my bones

last night was the last night
I will cry

I saw you at the bus stop yesterday
two big bags, by your feet
you were dressed to kill
now guess who's dying...
1998 Jim Nasium

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I want to meet this woman
who invited you to her house
for a month of summer fun
who you have known for seven years
who's life you want to write about
and call your own
this woman you know who can

I want to watch her water ski
and when she is done water sking
and the sun has set
I want to levitate with her...
I have been known to do that
from time to time
on my own
never knowing anyone else
that could

high above the trees
just below the stars
the three of us could talk
and tell secrets
that the powers that be have given us
days ago now
before we knew
that we could all
1998 Jim Nasium

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doing my penance

I ate guinea pig in Ecuador
on a bed of rice
and the eyes of a sheep, in Asia
they tasted pretty nice
I tasted monkey brains
and ate some spiders too
and a kangaroos tail
but please let me continue, won't you

I ate all kinds of things in my life
and then one day I met you but I tell you them days are through
I'm no longer hungry
my belly is very full
I have had all I can take
and that my friend ain't no bull

I no longer look for
the rare and the exotic in life
I ain't even looking to settle down
and get myself a wife
and a small little cottage
with a white picket fence
I am just happy to be alone
doing my penance
1998 Jim Nasium

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Rumor Has It

rumor has it that you're leaving
that ya just got to go away
now you think you know the truth
you can't stay here another day

you need to go back to a place where
you feel more at home, more at ease
well don't let the door, kick you in the ass
on your way out, please...

you have no real idea of
what it means to live like I do
everyone I know from down the way
bullshits, and so sometimes I bull shit too

and every one down the way tells stories
as they hang out on the street
ya can't believe a word they say
and being with them is a real freakin treat

you never saw life like this
before you came round here to stay
and now you see that it's every where
ya just got to go away

rumor has it that you're leaving
that ya just got to go away
now you think you know the truth
you can't stay here another day

the truth is in my heart and
I thought you knew it by now all too well
sometimes I just get tired
this is one'a them times, oh well

go if you think you have to
or stay, but try to adjust
round here in Philadelphia
to survive ya do what ya must!
1999 Jim Nasium

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she painted her walls with rainbows

She painted the inside of her new place
with rainbow colors, all over the wall
nailed up some art and mirrors to add depth
and placed over grown plants, they stand so tall
she put throw rugs all over the floor
to me they just get in the way
but after all this is her place
so what can I really say
when she burns incense on top of the table
that is over there near the stove
where she stands frying bacon and smoking cigarettes
in her t shirt and panty hose
and if it's not bacon she frying
then it's pork, or some lean red meat
she never wears shoes at all
she don't like the way they feel on her feet
when ever I do go there
to her tower that sits high on a hill
on the island just up the street
I know I am in for a thrill
she always keeps me guessing
yet she knows just want to do
she's painted her walls with rainbows
added some art, and mirrors too
to make her place look bigger
she needs the room, to keep her heart
hers in the biggest heart around
I have know that much from the start
1998 Jim Nasium

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The Silence Is Broken

the silence is broken by a birds song
as dawn finds it way to me
sitting up again all night I turn to see what time it is
and turn on my TV
the man on the box is selling
some little lights, that run on batteries
they sit by your bed
up near your head
they stick anywhere at all
so that late at night
there can be some light
and you'll be able to see, and not fall
if ya gott'a go to the bathroom
or just want to get a drink
they are only 3 for 49 dollars
ya know, maybe, I think
that I will order these little lights
and use them when I need
light late at night when I can't sleep
memories causing my heart to bleed
1998 Jim Nasium

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they say she is a dancer

She is a broadway dancer
or at least that's what they say
so I went to see her act
down town the other day

Her red hair glittered in the spot light
as she danced and sang a song
I watched her do her act on stage
and then before to long

I found that she was looking
right into my eye
she motioned to me to meet her later
and so I thought I'd give her a try

We went to all the places
that she said she knew
before too long, the night was gone
so was she, that's why I am so blue

they say she is a dancer
and now she is out of town
I can't wait to see her again
that girl really gets around
1998 Jim Nasium

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doll parts

I feel like I am doll parts
my arms and legs thrown to the side
of my head laying far from my body
ripped apart by your own hand

I wait for you to put me back together
like only you can and
and I miss you too
Jim Nasium

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I'd Wait For The Bus

every morning
I'd wait for the bus to leave
and for the children to go to school
then I'd run to your house
to spend the day

the house belonged to us lovers then
not your family...

the day would go by so fast
and left us wanting more
of the things we'd do together each day
after your children went to school
in the house, that wasn't mine
and never felt much like yours, to you either

holidays, and snow days we would sit alone
far away from each other
since your children were home
and I couldn't be there then
because no one knew that you and I loved

it's been almost one year now
that I have sat here waiting for the bus to leave
just to be with you
a few hours at a time
and I want more...

you say the same thing to me each time
I ask you for more
"I want more too, but my children need their father"

there was no bus today
I will not be going to your home
there will be no lovers knot
in the sunshine that falls on your bed
in the afternoon
now what do I do
this first day of summer vacation
and the rest of the summer

1998 Jim Nasium

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She's Insane

She's Insane, Sweet And Insane

She hides in the attic, she 's concealed on a shelf
behind volumes of poetry she wrote based on me and her self
no one ever sees her, and no one would understand
that she she is in love with me, me, the man
not what I can do, or what I have done
not just for my money, or just not for the fun
knowing that her love she can not hide
I am sorry, but too proud to swallow my pride
cause she's insane, so sweet and insane

No one seems to understand the things that she will do
and sometimes she does them to me and to you
and when the dust settles and she is through
I wish that I could but I can't tell you
about all the things she will do
about the many times she has made me feel blue
and the plans she has for my future too
I don't want any more of this
I must find something new
she's insane... sweet and insane

But she is the one and only for this man
sometimes I must admit that I like her plan
for the future and all the things that she wants to do
maybe I made a mistake, I don't want it to be through
tell me, now, what can I say
when it was just only yesterday
that she packed up her car and moved away
now I am alone, with nothing much more to say but
she's insane, so sweet and insane
1998 Jim Nasium

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Cast Upon Her Island

She is still there waiting,
I see her sitting on her shore
She sees me as I drive by
of this I am pretty sure

I drive by that Island
The Island Just Up the Street
more than ever I did before
now that I'm on this side of her door

I seen that her flowers have grown a lot
even though it isn't spring
I see that she has new curtains in the windows
and on the doors, and everything

I wonder if I should stop by and say
hello and how are you
I wonder if she'd talk to me
and if not, then what would I do

So I drive around the block
my eye on the clock, in circles it seems I go
sometimes I still think about her
and I bet that she don't know

I see her sitting in her tower
alone, by the candle light
under the sun, I walk alone these days
under the moon, I walk alone at night

I wonder does she see me...
when I think she don't see me
I wonder is this the way that things
are just gonna have to be?

1998 Jim Nasium

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On Line

On Line

I come home from work each day
just about the same time
and when I do the things I see
always blow my mind

you are sitting there, in bathrobe,
and bunny slippers too
lying about being on line
when I know that's all you do

telling tales of housework
that I just can't see
when I know it's to chat you go
with some man that should be me

when I get the phone bill
it proves what i think in my mind
YOU really are in some chat room
on line, all the time

1998 Jim Nasium

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to tie the wind in a knot

to tie the wind into a knot still trying to tie the wind into a knot
sitting crossed leg on the floor
time passes and I forgot
what I came here for

people talking all around
there a buzzing in my ear
what their all talking about
isn't very clear

things I see right before me
weren't there just a moment ago
and why are thing moving away from me
some one tell me, I would like to know

and what it is that I am doing
I have done for three days so far tonight
it is a time for renewing
maybe then everything will be all right

still trying to tie the wind into a knot
sitting crossed leg on the floor
it's been so long that I forgot
what I even came here for

so I do another
and another after that
I don't wanna eat or sleep
I'll just sit cross leged, on this bamboo mat

1998 Jim Nasium

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A Trip Thru The Night

I took a trip thru the night
Just to get here, to be with you
Dusty narrow roads
Paved with pot holes winding through
Andean mountain peaks
Needing to be crossed

Rivers below bamboo bridges
seem to call to me
Waiting, wanting me to join them
Black waters run near by
None for the dust, none for me...

I wrap your silken scarf 'round my face
In a back seat windowless bus
I gotta get out'a here
Away from all'a this white dust
Yes, I know I must...
Find something new to do
That's why I took a trip thru the night
Just to get here
To be with you..

We sat there and smoked
for three days one night
Under the Andean moonlight
The now cooked-up white dust
What'a site we were that night
Our bellies were empty, we didn't feel at all right
We decided there was only one thing to do
So we packed up our bags
Got on a bus, went south, to Peru
The Year was 1974
I can't remember much more...

1998 Jim Nasium

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Anita Fix

Anita Fix was a street walker
she was out there every day
and she was the very best there was
well at least that's what they say

"hey there good looking
ya looking to have some funs
ya want some'a what I gots
it's 100 an hour for my buns"

I heard her say to every
man that passed by there
I was just hanging out
let me make that very clear

down in the alley the other day
she said she would do for me
any thing at all I wanted
that it would take to set me free

she'd do it for just a few dollars
so then, she could make a call
to her man, her supplier
and make her self feel good and all

she'd do what ever she had to
to get what she needs
I felt so damn sorry for her
her story made my heart bleed

and so I offered her some money
and told her to just go away
now I wish she'd a sucked me off
in the alley, down the way, the other day

Anita Fix was a street walker
she was out there every night
and she was one of the best there was
every one agreed she was very tight

but now I heard she O D'd
and died just the other day
things around here will never be the same
now that Anita Fix has gone away

1998 Jim Nasium

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How I Got My Name

Was about 25 years ago
we sat up on the hill
the rasta man had just passed the bag
we were ready for a thrill

As we reached I heights mon
the day passed us by
then the old rasta man
he wanted to know why

Why did I run around
the streets of his town
getting into trouble
acting like a clown

And why was it that I thought
I just had'a do
each and every woman
even tried his wife too

He told me that Negril
his home town
was not my personal gymnasium
and that I had better, slow it down

Later that night sitting up on the roof
I was writing in my diary, acting aloof
when all of a sudden out of the blue
I took my pen name, this story is true

Since my first real name is Jim
I acted on a whim
and ever since that day
I sign my name this way

1998 Jim Nasium

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Country Music

When I was a young boy
mama put me on her knee
and xsplained the impotence of
country music to me

And all through my childhood
in the back ground
the hi fi would play
that sweet country sound

yippie yai ki a
get along little doggie
yippie yai, yippie a
my mama would sing...

and as I grew up
to become a man
I got me a guitar
and I play in a band

I sing country western
music to you
about all the things
my mama would do

yippie yai ki a
get along ya little doggies
yippie yai, yippie a
my mama would sing...

mama would sit there
in her rocking chair
the music was playing
the throw rug was bare

from mama who sat rocking
to that country sound
and singing along
yea, my mama got down

yippie yai ki a
get along little doggie
yippie yai ki a
my mama would sing...

Yes when I was a young boy
mama x splained to me
all about country music
and what I should be

now I got me some tall boots
and a big old hat
I sing country music
what'a ya all think about that?

yippie yia ki a
mama would sing
the music was so loud
my freaking ears would ring...
1998 Jim Nasium

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The Train

Between the clang clang clang of the wheels on the rails
I over heard the little girl, with too much wind in her sails
tell her mommy all about her dream
"i was good mommy, i didn't scream
i thought it was gonna get me
or so it seemed
the monster was about 77 feet tall
and had a big red head, it look like a ball
and it's tail was 22 feet long
it had two million and 7 teeth, and it sang a song
of , come here little girl... I'll tell you a story
the dream was real scarry and it was all gorey
but i was a good girl mommy ", i overheard her say
as her mother just looked away
out the window at the passing scenes
i wonder, i thought, what the little girls dream means
the mother seemed to have no time,
for her daughter, it was a crime

1998 Jim Nasium

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When He Gets Older

She called me for the first time tonight
in such a very long time
she said "hello, how are you,
ya know, you've been on my mind"

I wonder what she wanted
I had no more money to give
then our son got on the phone
wanted to know why I live

so very far away from them
clear across the states
I told him it's a long story and
that telling it would have to wait

maybe some day when he is older
I will sit him near to me
and then I will tell him the story
of how it used to be

between me and his mother
the woman with fire for hair
it warms my heart to know that they
wish that I was there
1998 Jim Nasium

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dick taters

A female friend of mine owns a small cafe
I went to see her just the other day
she was busy working, cutting up her fries
when an idea popped into my head, to my surprise
I told here if you cut your potato's in the shape of a penis
maybe even with the little testies hanging down
now I'm not kidding I really mean this
then carefully bake them to a golden brown
you could call them dick taters
what'a hit they would be
people would come from all over
just wanting to see
the girl with the cookie cutting iron
who sits up at night real late
cutting out dick's from her potatoes
when she should be out on a date
she makes them look like the male organ
in all of it's glory
in case ya didn't know it
I want her to go on a date with me

1998 Jim Nasium

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Ten Again

I was with my brother's seven year old son
out riding our bikes, just havin' some fun
We went to all the places his father and I knew
as children, lookin' for something to do
and to see what ever we might see...
Just then as he was riding next to me
the sunlight reflected off'a his bicycle rim
and as I looked up and over at him
In a moment I was a kid again!
I was ten, and then
in that moment to my surprise
I was seeing through a ten year old's eyes
It was my brother and I on our bikes
not me and his son
the whole rest of the day we had a lott'a fun
And since this story is all too real
I wanted to share the way the sun made me feel
and tell you what the sun can do
yes, this really happened ... it is true!

1998 Jim Nasium

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I got a roll of live savers
from a friend just the other day
and every time I open it
another bad memory goes away

As I am sucking on
the flavor that I found
I feel the candy getting smaller
then when it goes down

It seems to take another
bad memory away of you
all the little lies you told
and the evil things you do

But trouble is with life savers
only the bad memories seem to go away
and I am stuck living forever
with the good memories every day

Now I have an empty wrapper
some paper and some foil
I'll never fall in love again
there is no one who's loyal

Why did I eat these lifesavers
what did I think they'd do
I can't believe that they are gone
and now it seems so are you...

1998 Jim Nasium

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