Old Joe's Cafe
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Down the street on the corner from my place
there's a cafe that will put a smile on your face
food is cooked fresh daily each and every day
we'll at least that's what Old Joe'll say

The place ain't to big and the ceilings aren't tall
there's Fellini Posters on the marble wall
Many pictures of Italy and South Philly too
and a couple of dead guys we all knew

The menu's big and always features some thing new
they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner any time for you
Joe's is open from 4:00 AM to around midnight
let me tell ya eating at Joe's is a real delight

For breakfast there's every kind of egg and meat
his pancakes and French toast are a real treat
the hot cereal and fruit bowl are a delight
you can get even breakfast at Joe's all night

For lunch if you want it Joe will make it for you
there's nothing unheard of and that is true
deserts include ice cream, pudding, pie and cake
no matter what you order it won't be a mistake

For dinner the helping's are extra big
on the table are bread sticks and a bowl of figs
no one can eat every thing on their plate
it's a real nice place to take a date

There's pot roast with potatoes and rich gravy
fresh roast chicken waiting for you and me
pork chops and rice and vegetables too
meat loaf, fish, ham and lamb cooked up for you

Then there is Joe's The House Delight
say something about it bad and you'll get a fight
Joes famous Pasta Plate is a meal for King
is got all's kinds of meat and Italian every thing

Down the street on the corner from my place
I go to Joe's Cafe to escape the rat race
there's fresh food cooked and served daily
Old Joe's Cafe is the place for me...
©2005 Jim Nasium

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