Victor And The Corpse Bride
A Poem by Jim Nasium

Victor And The Corpse Bride [short version]

Victor and Victoria we to marry
even though they were strangers
so Victor went walking in the woods
over looking the dangers
married the Corpse bride by mistake
wasn't happy to find out
what fate had in store for him
just a little too late no doubt

To make a long story short
Victor worked out a plan
with help from The Corpse Bride
to get back to his family in his home land
things worked out for the best
in the end every one was happy
and Victor and Victoria
were together the way it should be


Victor And The Corpse Bride [long version]

Please sit down for awhile
I've a story I want to share
about Victor and Victoria
and how in love and war all is fair
expect when you get married
when you don't even want to
let me tell you what happened to Victor
and all he had to go through

Victors family was broke as could be
so they came up with a plan
Victor was to marry a rich mans daughter
but he didn't want to or understand
the days went by and Victor cried
until he met Victoria at last
playing piano in her music room
cupid's arrows hit them both pretty fast

Victor may have been a little nervous
about Victoria and the planned marriage
and he was more than very happy
just working on the fish carriage
but never the less he did what he could
to make his family proud and happy
at practice that day he forgot what to say
he was humiliated as could be

Practicing his marriage vows in the woods
he couldn't believe what he had done
when the Corpse Bride awoke and said "I Do"
Victor didn't know what to do but run
the crows followed him to a bridge
where he stopped to catch his breath
then he turned around and he found
The Corpse Bride standing there smelling like death

She took him away and begged him to stay
with her in The Land Of The Dead
Victor couldn't believe what was happening
so he started banging his head
then suddenly all that he could see
started to make some sense
he made it clear he didn't want to be there
but The Corpse Bride was a little dense

Time went by and Victor wanted to die
so he made a promise to The Corpse Bride
he would introduce her to his family
but not with very much pride
once back in the land of the living he left her waiting
thinking The Corpse Bride who had already died
wouldn't mind when he didn't come back
even though he failed no one can say he hadn't tried

Back in The Land Of The Dead
Victor didn't know what to do
it seems Victoria was getting married
to some one no one knew
or so he was told by the chauffeur
who had just died that day
Victor wanted to rescue Victoria
he knew there had to be a way

When Victor found out about Victoria's fate
he wanted to get back to The Land Of The Living
he had to get there to show he cared
before it was too late and Victoria was giving
all her love to another man
who only wanted to marry her for money
every one was happy with the new plan
but Victor didn't find it too funny

Victor made a promise he would keep
to drink the wine of death at his wedding
then he'd be dead and he said
he'd be happy to share his bedding
with The Corpse Bride forever
trying his best to make her happy
but things didn't go as planned
as you will soon see

The Wedding was to take place
in The Land Of The Living the next day
when the dead folks got back to the living land
the living wanted the dead to stay
they all made their way into the church
were the wedding was to take place
everyone there was happy but Victor
you could see the sadness on his face

Just As Victor was to say "I Do"
The Corpse bride change her mind
she decided to swallow her pride
told Victor not to drink the wine
and she finally realized with Victoria
is where Victor was supposed to be
it broke her to do it
but she set Victor free

To make a real long story short
The Corpse bride set Victor free
and the man that married Victoria
was as angry as could be
when he found out Victoria was broke
and her family didn't have any money
but when the angry man drank the wine of death
what happened was kind'a funny

The man who married Victoria
drank The Wine Of Death and he died
he lost every thing he had
including his life and his pride
Victor and Victoria were finally married
the way it was supposed to be
and they grew old together
in love very happily....
©2006 Jim Nasium

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