2 poems based on Tim Burton Movies
A Poem by Jim Nasium

IF you saw the Tim Burton Movie James And The Giant Peace, you'll understand this poem:

Just Like James

Just like James And The Giant Peach
I want to fly away
to a place I dream about
a safe place for me to stay
I'd tie some sea gulls to a peach
grab some insect friends of mine
let the wind take me away
until my dream I find...

I am James and my Giant Peach
is waiting for me some wheres
but I'd rather stay in and hide
since no one I know cares
every time I go out side
some one else seems to hurt me
I don't understand what's going on
this is not how things should be

Like James and his Giant Peach
if I stick to it I'll be ok
and when I get to my dream land
this time I will stay
there's nothing for me here any more
nothing new I can learn or teach
I've never felt so all alone
wish I was James with a Giant Peach...

If you saw the Tim Burton movie The Nightmare Before Xmas you'll understand this poem:

Where's My Sally?

I feel just like Jack Skelenton
in the Nightmare Before Xmas
I've been around a long long time
but joy in life is what I miss
I am the King of Pumpkin Town
a very powerful man
but every year it's the same old thing
I just don't understand

Inside of me where love should be
it's cold, dark and empty
I've searched for ever for true love
but it's never come to me
all I know deep in my heart
is it's time for something new
maybe I could be Santa Clause
and give something to you?

The time has come to accept my fate
I am The Pumpkin King
and even though I am dead
my adventurous spirit sings
I know what to do at last
it's time to try something new
I'll get a sled and while you're in bed
I'll wear a white beard and red suit too

And all the while wearing a smile
a broken woman sits somewhere and waits
she's in stitches over me ignoring her
she wants flowers, candies and dates
but I haven't time for love affairs
I am The Pumpkin King
don't go on dates and hesitate
to love, or give a ring

I've searched this forest forever
trying to find what I need
if I had a heart at all
I'm sure that it would bleed
but never the less I will confess
all I can be is me
I'll search for ever for true love
where is my Sally?...
©2005 Jim Nasium

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