The Hell I've Been Through
A Poem by Jim Nasium

When I am down and just can't go on
I turn to my Father above
He seems to understand my pain
comforts me with His love
I feel so safe when in His arms
He tells me it will all be ok
but just when I think I have changed
I go back to my old ways and stray

Why do I do what I shouldn't do
why's the spirit battle the flesh
when will I learn to control my free will
is my plan and God's gone'a mesh
why do I have gray hair on my head
His word say's it's a sign of wisdom
I'm a fool and my own worse enemy
I need to study my Bible and Catechism

His word tells me that He would never
give me more to deal with than I can take
but some times I think He flatters me
it seems He's made a mistake
I don't know why He keeps me alive
should have died from Cancer a year ago
the hell I've been through I'm telling you
is some thing I hope you never know....
©2006 Jim Nasium

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